Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Less is More

I don't suppose this sounds like a real brain-teaser, but it sure had us stumped.  Being BIG dog people, it is common knowledge in this house that dogs love to eat.  Labs, especially, need the comfort of at least two meals a day.  Big meals for big dogs.  Well Lucy, being a little dog, received little portions at breakfast and dinner - but I guess it was still too much.  After almost two weeks of waking up to the not-so-rewarding chore of cleaning out Lucy's kennel (maybe she was enjoying the daily baths...) we read online about the common mistake of over-feeding small dogs.  Could it be that simple?  Merely cause and effect?  Behavior-wise, the dirty kennel didn't add up.  She has been absolutely fastidious about running to the back door when in need.  We decided to conduct a little experiment.  Three nights ago we fed Jack and Indy as normal, and played with Lucinda to keep her distracted.  She wasn't frantic or anxious at all.  The next morning, immaculate success!  That evening, it did catch her attention that the big boys were eating and she was not.  Later on, she was very interested in my late night snack of toasted bagel.  Yet, she was polite and overlooked the incivility of my not sharing.  Morning success again!  At dinner time last night, however, she relentlessly petitioned for sustenance.  Okay, so she did miss eating a second time each day.  We definitely didn't want her to go hungry so we ventured a half-size serving.  Contentedness ensued.  Yay!  We went to bed hoping beyond hope we had stumbled onto a happy medium.

This morning brings us to the third consecutive morning in which one of my children didn't come wake me up saying, "Lucy pooped her kennel.  Can I play XBOX?"   Folgers has nothing on that kind of morning.


  1. I love it Heather!! So it sounds like Lucy has found a home??

  2. Tahoe gets fed twice a day, but little Jack only once. Gotta watch weight gain with the little ones too. It comes on fast, but is hard to lose.