Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rainy Days

Rain, rain, go away...  Our dog-to-happiness ratio often revolves around the weather.  You would think, being raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, that we would by now have gotten used to the rain.  Don't get me wrong, we LOVE the rain.  Hiking in the rain, dancing in the rain - heck, Singing in the Rain happens to be one of my all-time favorite movies.  But dogs and humans and rain are not always a desirable mix. 

Cognitive adults avoid mud.  We wipe our feet before entering an abode.  We show remorse for accidentally tracking in bits of the outdoors.  Dogs, cognitive or not, head for the mud.  They love it more than the rain.  This can make for very unhappy humans, especially when the humans have new-ish carpets.  Perhaps the most frustrating thing of all is the sweet look on your dogs' faces when they cock their head to see if that will help them understand your frustration.  Nope.  

Soon after we got Jack, we built a deck with the hopes that having a deck would help fight the battle against tracked-in mud.  Not so much.  The deck did, however, provide a fun jumping off point for playing fetch, which in turn left a nice Labrador-sized mud pit where grass once flourished (and subsequently, a muddy deck).  The following fall season, which is when all out-door projects seem to commence in our household, we set a lovely half-moon of flagstones at the threshold to the deck.  These should help for sure.  Now we have muddy deck-muddy flagstones-mud pit.  My husband is already drawing up plans for an overhang for the deck; which is right on schedule, because it's nearly fall again.

Two and a half dogs are quite alright when the weather co-operates. Summer has been wonderful.  The slider is left open for all to come and go as they wish.  We're a free-range family, if you will.  The grass has grown back beautifully, the deck is power-washed and as clean as it's gonna get, and no mud pits in sight.  Dog, man, woman, children all co-exist in near-perfect harmony. 

This morning was the first rain in weeks.  Ken better get crackin' on that covered deck...


  1. I might have to be a guest blogger on Two and a Half Dogs after we dog sit for two weeks! It will be an experience for sure. The kids will either be begging me even more for a dog, or they will get it out of their system??? Only time will tell! Can you imagine Jack and Indy..."you mean you're letting us on the other side of the fence??? yahoo!!! It's about time!!!"

  2. Yeah! You and Rachael could totally take over;) I was hesitant to post this blog after you had just agreed to watch the big dogs for us, lol! If it helps, the picture was an old one. And it Jack much prefers to stay indoors when it rains. The nice things about dogs is that as they age, they mellow. They enjoy lots of good naps & tummy rubs.
    Thanks again for offering to take them. I think your kids will be soooo good for them - a little taste of home! And YES! They will be both bewildered and delighted to head to the other side of the fence.