Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jack & Indy Meet Tiny

Hi there, I'm Sheri, the guest blogger mentioned one blog ago. We are blessed to be friends with TAAHD and their parents (foster or otherwise!). My family has been given the privilege and responsibility of taking care of the 'two' of the Two and a Half Dogs :) We wondered what this adventure would hold for us, being that we don't have any four-legged friends ourselves (much to the dismay of my smallish peeps), so it will be fun being intentional about keeping track of the daily ins and outs of dog ownership.

Yesterday I was noticing my youngest son's interaction with Jack & Indy. He seemed to be having a very good time playing with the dogs and they weren't seeming to mind it either! I quickly took this picture, knowing I would ask him afterwards what the explanation was behind it. Knowing this boy, I knew there could be quite a lengthy story about what was going on. I was right. Meet "Tiny." He's the not-so-tiny dinosaur character from the movie 'Meet the Robinson's.' You gotta love the imagination behind this! Of course Jack and Indy have no idea what's going on. They're just wondering, "why is there a stuffed dino on my back" and "how come he keeps chasing me with this thing and asking me to go outside?" Now here is (in his exact words) the story as he related it to me: "One day Jack discovered how to get to the world's end. He didn't want to tell anybody. But one day Tiny discovered that Jack knew and HE wanted to get to world's end too. So he followed Jack so he could get to world's end. But Jack didn't want him to and Tiny knew that. So he made sure that Jack wouldn't see him when he followed him. When he's following Jack and he passes his best friend Indy, he gets to jump on his back and ride him. When Jack goes outside while he's being followed, he flees, and Tiny can't chase him until he comes back in. But when he's on Indy's back and Indy goes outside, then Tiny gets a bonus. When he walks into the entry way onto the carpet (rug at the front door), he's at world's end but he doesn't go there often. But when he does, Tiny gets to go there too."

No, I don't think Jack and Indy are bored. They are playing with kids, stuffed friends, and trying to find world's end :)

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  1. Heeheehee! Way to play, J! Thanks for taking such good care of the dogs and for including them in your awesome stories:)