Friday, September 10, 2010


There once was a dog that was small and white.
She jumped up on the couch almost every night.
There, too, was a dog who was big and yellow
He was usually kind; an uncranky fellow.

One more big dog was in the mix
He was eight-five pounds (or was it eighty-six?)
His size would have many running for cover
But we know that at heart he was a just a big lover.

Three dogs in a house - well two and a half
Practically require an entire cleaning staff!
With towels for wet paws and shammys for fur
Coming in from the rain becomes a big blur.

These dogs are a family, a part of a pack.
It's onward and upward!  There's no turning back.
Although this was never a part of our plan,
It's much fun to blog about how it began.

Author's Note~
Thanks for reading my two and a half cents
It's fun to log on and see your comments.
I hope that so far you've enjoyed what you've read
I'm glad you stopped by to check out my thread.

Me and Baby Jack

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  1. That is GREAT!!! Very Seusian...both Doug and I are really impressed with your poetry! Some people can write well...and you are definitely one of them!