Monday, September 6, 2010

Lucy's First Walk

So far, so good.  Our "foster dog", Lucy, is fitting right in with the rest of the family.  She has, overall, been accepted by our Labradors, Jack and Indy.  Like many a heroine in a good story, she is preferred by Indy, yet desperately longs for Jack's unrequited approval.  Lucy and Indy play-wrestle, chase each other around the yard, and over all enjoy a good sibling relationship(yes, rivalry included)  At '32' years, Jack finds himself a little too distinguished to be mingling with the youngsters - perhaps likened to a human adult perennially expected to sit at the kids' table for Thanksgiving dinner?  This aloofness proves all the more enticing a challenge for Lucy.  She has been seen trying to steal 'kisses'.  She will wait for Jack to be looking the other way, or even asleep(!) and she'll run at him lightening speed and lick the corner of his mouth before retreating with equal velocity.  She'll do this several times until he either a) growls like he means business or b) succumbs and lets her frolic a minute more before he resorts to 'a'. 

But I started out to blog about the walk...  Our first walk around the neighborhood with all three dogs.  We turned a few heads - even overheard some neighbor kids saying, "Whoa, look at all those dogs!".  It was as if the dogs knew they were something special- a sight to be seen.  They held their heads high and walked proudly as a pack.  Jack even let Lucy walk next to him without making a fuss.  Perhaps she's proving herself to him, or perhaps the moment simply took over. 

Feeling quite successful, I turned to my husband and said, "This isn't so bad."  He observed, "If we keep her, we should get her a retractable leash like Jack and Indy's"  "Yes," I said, "and it should be pink, because pink is her color."  I think Ken said something about her color being whatever the best deal on Craigslist was...  Then we asked ourselves: five years from now, will we still be using the phrase, "If we decide to keep her"?

The 'Pack' Walk
Post-walk Cool Down

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  1. LOL!!!! Absolutely love the Jack/Lucy relationship description and the final pic!