Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Still Want a Dog?

This post is by one of my kids (still Sheri here, the guest blogger), along with a sweet picture she took of J & I:

"Mom, can we get a dog?"

I had asked that question for years. The answer was always no. But my wish finally came true. For about 2 weeks, that is. We're pet-sitting for our friends' Labs while they're on vacation.

I've never really noticed how dogs can have such different personalities. When we go on walks, Indy bounds down the street like a chocolate-covered torpedo. His tongue hangs out, and he seems to say, "oh boy oh boy oh boy, this is so fun! What's that? Oooh, that looks interesting. Hey, another dog. Hi, I'm Indy!" While Jack walks more slowly, practically shaking his yellow head and sighing, "little brothers..."

Of course, owning a dog (or dogs) comes with responsibilities. One of the more... unpleasant ones is picking up after them (gulp!). I held my breath and bravely began the smelly task of picking up the...uh...droppings with a rake and dust pan. (insert from Sheri here: I wish I had a picture of THAT in action, it was funny!) Mom called from the deck, "Still want a dog?"

When evening falls and it's time to settle down, the dogs sprawl out in the family room, heaving contented sighs. Jack curls up in a quiet corner of the room, while Indy plops himself down wherever one of us are sitting, as if to say, "Oh boy, can I sit here too? Thanks!" Then he makes himself comfortable resting on my feet.
I once read a story where a girl and her sister were arguing about dogs. I can't remember exactly what they said, but it went something like this:
Girl 1: "They're smelly, slobbery, and they shed everywhere!"
Girl 2: "What's not to love?"
Yes, I still want a dog. ;o)


  1. R, was that you?? LOVE your writing, girl! You nailed the descriptions of J & I perfectly - the 'on a walk' and 'time to rest' personalities, too true. I laughed out loud. Thank you SO much for taking such good care of them for us. You are very good with(and for) them. I definitely think you should get a dog. But if you want the best of both worlds for a while, feel free to claim Jack and Indy when you need a 'fix'.

  2. Yeah, that was R, and yes, she will need J & I fixes, especially after two straight weeks of hugging and snuggling with them on the floor :)