Thursday, September 9, 2010

White after Labor Day

My husband, a fellow BIG dog enthusiast, was not so keen on Little Lu at first.  He is a kind and compassionate man, but knows a real dog when he sees one and Lucy did not fit that description.  Ken is also a grass enthusiast.  It has been disheartening for him to see his prized backyard destroyed by our four legged tenants.  The yard that used to flourish with carpet-like grass, shrubs, lilies, and young trees would be decimated upon the arrival of each new puppy. 

Dogs typically grow out of their puppy tendencies in about two human years, although it is debated if Labs ever really grow beyond this stage.  Regardless, Jack and Indy both mellowed out around 24 months of age.  The patches of ripped up grass, the freshly dug holes, and the chewing/laying on foliage subsided within reason.  After Jack's initial yard remodel, there really wasn't much point in rebuilding because we got Indy a year and a half later.  This last year, as Indy has crossed the 2 year mark, we have slowly begun to tackle our landscape- such as it is.

Lucy, it seems, has decided to 'help'.  She is a good puppy.  Read: good at being a puppy.  She happily digs in any pot or patch of earth we have.  When we covered all the pots with wire mesh and filled in the patches of earth with rocks, she took it upon herself to create more places to access dirt.  This makes for a very clean dog, with all the baths she has had.  It also makes for a crestfallen landscaper.  I think Ken partially laments for his dream yard, but is also becoming quite attached to Lucy and wishes the two could coexist.

With all of the exploring and excavating this little dog is doing, she is often removed from the situation.  Sure, we do occasional kennel time-outs, if only to give us time to clean up whatever she's done this time.  But mostly she is scooped up and carried around for a while.  She seems to like this almost as much as the digging.  Big-dog imitator she may be, she is still a little dog.  One that is quite comfortable as an accessory.  Even if it is after Labor Day.


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