Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Family Complete

I had the best of intentions to have a great picture of our two and a half dogs once we were ALL home last night, but it simply did not materialize.  We arrived home from Florida quite late Monday night, had the excitement of seeing our two BIG dogs(who made a baying like sound that I had never heard before - I think they were glad to see us?  At least they didn't pee...), and then a very quiet 'catch-up' day on Tuesday.  It was quiet in the sense that older dogs love to visit and then nap.  They are not playing constantly until they drop, you forget about them, and then they stealthily wake up and proceed to find trouble.  It was odd; although somewhat restful, we just didn't feel complete. 

Tuesday night we trekked to my in-laws, who had so kindly offered to deal with the sneaky napper.  Lucy was HUGE!  I may have to re-name the blog 2 and two-thirds dog... or perhaps five-eighths?  I don't know, math never was my strong suit.  Anyway, she was much larger.  I wasn't even around the back of our truck in the driveway when I heard our kids, who had rushed Papa and Gramma's front door like tween girls at a Justin Bieber concert, say "Lucy, Lucy, Lucy!!!" Nick's voice rang above the others, "Lucy!  My Lucy!"  Those two really have a special connection. 

It was different picking Lucy up vs. coming home to claim our BIG dogs.  To the big dogs, we were just 'home'.  Yes, our friends had to go back to their house, but in that case, THEY were the visitors.  With Lucy, she was the visitor, and had become quite attached to her new family.  Gramma and Papa have an enormous amount of love and patience, as well as understanding, with any kind of creature.  But having a single puppy, with no kids or older dogs for relief from the sneak-attack-after-naps can be exhausting.  They claimed she was wonderful, with only a few naughty(although she didn't know it) moments.  I'm sure they overlooked a lot and were overly kind to us as well as her.  Lucy, on the other hand, went from being the baby of two and a half dogs to the only granddog.  That's quite a move up the chain!  She had cooked-on-the-people's-stove food, treats, and ice cream.  Not to mention round-the-clock attention. (this would have been partly G & P's love of animals, and partly necessity!) 

As we pulled out of the driveway, Papa and Gramma looked a little sad.  I can understand that!  It was very difficult for us to let our little foster dog go, even when we knew it was only while we were on vacation.  When I left Lucy with them two and a half weeks ago, I watched as she strained in Gramma's arms to follow us("Um, hello?  I'm with them!").  Now, she strained at the car window for her extended pack members.  Why can't we all just be together?

When we arrived home, all the dogs went a little nuts(this time, someone did pee, but I couldn't see who the responsible party was).  Again, I heard this guttural baying sound from one of the dogs.  All the kids piled onto the family room floor and there the six of them wrestled and licked and danced around.  It was a regular Germ-X commercial!  We were complete at last.  (pictures to come...)

Post-Script...  A HUGE thank you from our pack to our friends and family who cared for our two and a half dogs while we were away.  Honorary pack members for life!


  1. It is so good to know that the "pack" is back together again...and that the past two and a half weeks were so successful for everyone involved. What a real gift to have the assurance that Jack, Indy and Lucy were all so very lovingly cared for while away from their people! And, yes, I have a feeling that honorary-members-of-the pack status is truly for life!

  2. Agreed!
    Thanks for your comment!