Friday, October 22, 2010

Flashback Friday: Indy's Midnight Bath

Actually, I think the bath was closer to 2 am.  I don't know.  I was tired.  But I digress.  This is how it all started...

But I didn't want a little brother!
Indy was a cute puppy.  He was tiny and squishy and snuggly... but it didn't last for very long.  (By 16 weeks of age, he would grow to be a BIG boy weighing about the same as Jack.)  The in-the-sink picture was when he was about 8 weeks old.  We had just brought him home from the breeder a week before, during Thanksgiving break.  Jack wasn't as happy as we thought he'd be with this adorable parcel of squishy goodness. 

Although Jack wasn't sure what to make of the newest member of the family, nature's instincts took over and Jack went to work.  This was before Jack had the, ahem, 'change'.  His testosterone levels were at an all-time high, telling him he must mark everything to show ownership.  Each shrub, stone, and patch of grass belonged to him.  Nothing was sacred or spared. 

Every time Indy went out to the back yard for a break, Jack would follow, wait impatiently behind Indy, and as soon as Indy had moved on, Jack would re-mark that patch as 'his'.  Jack became increasingly impatient as the obsessive compulsion grew. 

We kenneled Jack and Indy separately in those days.  Sometimes Indy, being a baby still, would cry in the night to let us know he had to go out.  It's the same with dogs as it is with humans: if one person mentions needing to use the facilities, oftentimes others realise their own needs as well.  When one dog wakes up, the other does too.  It would seem rather unjust to let only one dog out for relief.

I won't insult your intelligence, you have probably already seen what's coming next.  Jack was finally so impatient and ready to go back to bed, he did not wait for Indy to finish and move out of the way.  Thus leading to a very grumpy, tired woman giving a dripping puppy a late night bath in the sink. 

Hindsight?  I'm grateful for the picture; it wasn't long before Indy had outgrown that adorable fit-in-the-sink stage.  Enjoy every moment... the good ones never seem to last long enough, and with time even some of the grumpy ones can become good ones.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. What a great story....and PERFECT pics! It really is close to impossible to remember Indy being such a little guy - and, well, Jack's pic says it all!!! LOL!

  2. I agree! Jack really knows his way around expressions! Love Your Blog!

  3. Thanks for the sweet comments, gals! Glad you're here; come back soon!