Monday, October 18, 2010

The Heat is On

Reader discretion advised.  No, really.  Even I am icked out.

One of my favorite shows from the 90's was Blossom.  It's campy, but smart.  The pilot episode is about a girl, Blossom Russo, who is living with her two brothers and her single parent dad.  She, ahem, starts to go through what most young ladies do around 12 years of age, and has no one to talk to about it.  Blossom finds herself missing her real mother, who has abandoned the family insearch of her own fame and fortune.  In a dream sequence, Phylicia Rashad (Clair Huxtable) guest stars as Blossom's "dream" mom, complete with pink apron and sound motherly advice.  Who better for a quintessential mom, no?  The scene plays out with Phylicia illustrating the facts of the menstrual cycle by piping icing onto a sheet cake.  Icked out?  Yeah.  Still, in context it was fairly humorous.  For those feeling particularly nostalgic, the whole episode is on youtube in three segments(the first one is here).

Lucy has been behaving strangely lately.  For the last week or so, she was super-hyper, even for her.  She was, and not just in hindsight, quite cantankerous.  Then it started.  I guess you aren't supposed to call it a 'period', and thank GOD they don't come every month for dogs(thanks to wikipedia and several online Q&As I found out it's only twice a year)  It's a heat cycle(and for the life of me, the name just conjures giggles and images of laundry settings) and can last three weeks.  Perhaps other foster dog owners know to have your dog spayed before this happens.  Having had our two big boys, this was never an issue for us.  Unfortunately, I also found out that once the heat has begun, it's best to wait one or two months after it's finished to get the dog spayed.  Yay.

Until then, we can keep her comfortable and, according to the vet and every other source on the web, supervised at all times.  Apparently, for those in the dark like myself, male dogs will come from miles around and do anything they can to get into the backyard.  Sue at the vet's said dogs have been known to jump over fences previously impervious to attack.  For some less spry but equally lustful studs, they will dig their way under the fence.  It's like a dog version of some old black and white zombie movie.

Thankfully at the moment, Lucy has mellowed out entirely.  She is once again  receptive to being held and is currently reposing on the rug covered couch. 

Tough Day.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I have truly been enlightened! This dog information-challenged friend had no idea about any of this. Poor Lucy :(

  2. Yeah, sorry... I did have a disclaimer ;)
    I'll pass on your sympathies!