Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In Search of the Snooze Button

Our BIG dogs share one very BIG kennel.  It provides a sense of security, a 'den' if you will, that lends itself to natural canine tendencies.  Every night, the dogs doze off in the family room for a while while the humans read or watch television.  We all play intermittently, and then the urge for a late night nap takes over and the dogs sack out on their BIG pillow or on top of someones feet.  Then, when it's time for the people's bedtime, we say, "kennel up", and Jack springs into action(he knows there's a treat involved)and nine times out of ten, beats us to the garage door.  Indy lumbers along, often taking long pauses as if to communicate that if we somehow forgot to kennel him, he'd be fine right where he currently was. 

Most mornings, we have to tiptoe around upstairs so as not to wake the dogs.  When it was just the BIG dogs, we could let them out for a morning break, then back in and we all could go back to sleep or get ready for our day, depending on the time.  But with a puppy in the mix, someone must be watching the dogs pretty much at all times.  Plus, when puppies are up, they're UP.  There's no snooze alarm there.

Indy is always the first to let us know if he's woken up before we have.  For such an enormous dog, he has this really pathetic little squeaky cry.  Often, he'll start out with a few spaced out cries - "anyone there?"   Then he'll move on to a bit louder shouts of, "I'M UP!"   If this hasn't stirred a bi-ped, he'll go into an all out succession of whining cries.  You'd think with all the fuss, he'd really have to go.  Or at least need... something.  Most of the times, no.  He simply wanted to sleep elsewhere.  As if to tell us, "I tried to tell you last night that I'd rather stay here"

Fall is in the air, for sure.  Several nights ago local temperatures dipped into the thirties.  Now, where the dogs are it's not that cold, of course... they are in an alcove right next to the furnace.  With this lovely, crisp, fall weather comes the annual turning on of the furnace.  I usually manage to wait a little while longer in the season, but between the early cold and having just come back from three weeks of ninety degree weather, on it went. 

We are not super early risers.  The furnace timer was pre-set to an hour before we needed to get up, so that the edge would be taken off by the time we eventually rolled out of bed.  Obviously the furnace is not at all mindful of tip-toe-ing around to ensure the dogs - let's face it: Indy - doesn't wake up early.  So for the past week, the furnace has kicked on, and the yipe-ing begins.  We are in a bit of a catch twenty-two.  If I set the furnace to right when we want to get up, what's the point?  We still wake up to a cold house.  If we acquiesce and get up at the early hour Indy vocalizes his unrest, we're still getting up cold. 

My dad would probably sensibly remind me that that's why we have socks and sweaters.  Thanks, Dad.  Love you. 


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