Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mom, I'm Bored.

If you are a parent, you probably have an ingrained reaction to this statement.  You may be the peppy 'friend' parent who says, "Okay, honey, what would you like to do?" You may be the busy parent who replies, "Go think of something - I'm not your social director."  Perhaps you're a clever parent who says, "I have a list of things you can do... there's the laundry, the dishes, vacuuming, sweeping... I could go on..."   I tend to mix it up a little - my kids never know who they're going to get. 

Kids, as they get older, begin to find things to do.  They play outside with friends, they read, they zone out in front of electronics.  But remember when they were babies?  Before they even knew they could evoke parental reaction from an over-used utterance.  They just scooted around an explored.  Parents really had to be on their toes. 

Our dogs have had the same sort of evolution.  As puppies, they would just scoot off and get into something.  Then, as adolescents, they would whine, bark, or tap at the slider to go in or out, and look at you as if repeating that grinding phrase.   Now our BIG dogs, at 3 & 4 (21 & mid-30's for them) will go out, if it's nice, and sun themselves on the deck.  We do still get the whining and occasional bark on apparently  what are deemed particularly slow days.

As a homeschooling family, one of the perks is that we can finish school by 1 or 2 in the afternoon most days.  We power through the morning with perhaps a snack during history, then a quick break for lunch, and resume with classics and literature before free time.  All due respect to the dogs, but they are not a large part of our mornings.  We will take turns throwing a few balls for them sporadically, but otherwise they are largely ignored.  The BIG dogs have learned to deal with this.  (That's another perk of getting older, you begin to love daytime naps!)  But Lucy is still very much a puppy.  And very much a digger.  You should see her; she could work for Repsol!

I have mentioned my frustrated landscaper before.  Upon return from our vacation, our yard was really looking spectacular.  The grass was lush and full.  All the freshly dug "Lucy" patches Ken repaired before our departure had germinated while we were away and now blended seamlessly with the rest of the lawn. 

Sadly, but not unexpectedly, our lawn has once again fallen victim to the ignored.  This time Ken has taken to filling the holes with drainage rock.  Although still a bit peeved, he has tried to put a positive spin on the situation and say, "That's okay, they'll be drainage holes."  I don't know how many drainage holes a yard needs, but this morning she was expanding yesterday's venture, hole # 6 . 


  1. I'm sorry, Ken, but it really IS kind of funny to see all of the Lucy drains...maybe you could enlist Heather and Alex to color-co-ordinate the rocks...you know, pretty red, green, grey, black river rocks ;) - Humor - and sharing it is such a good thing! Thanks, Heather - and Ken - for the chuckles!

  2. Great idea! Ken did mention that hole #7, made Wednesday, was too much. Lucy dug out by the apple tree, and he did not want to fill around there with rock. On the plus side, he has ordered his lumber for the deck overhang. Now, if we can just convince the little dog to stay on the deck...

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