Monday, October 25, 2010

Post a Silly Joke Day

This is the first "Post a Silly Joke" day here on THD, and it could be the last.  We'll see...

First, the background...

French composer Jacques Offenbach wrote a marvelous operetta called "Orphee aux Enfers", which premiered in 1858.  Its section entitled the "Galop Inferno" was used in the french dance the Can-Can, which ironically debuted twenty years or more before Offenbach's hit.  Nowadays, the song and the dance are fairly synonymous.  If you're interested, there is a great version of it you can see here (ahem, the song - not the dance).  It is the whole overture, but if you want to 'fast forward' to the Galop Inferno portion, it is 7:40 into the clip.

The joke goes like this...

In a french dance hall, the chorus girls are rehearsing for the Can-Can dance.  They have brought their outfits, their shoes, and each girl has brought their poodle, which they have left backstage.  A man walks in to observe the practicing, and is impressed with the show.  The lights, the music, the choreography - it's all very well done.  However, he has noticed a general cacophony that he can't quite pinpoint.  He walks up to one of the girls after the practice and asks her about all the added noise.  She blushes and replies, "Oh, I am sorree Monsieur.  Zat is our petit cheins(dogs), they offenbach during ze show."

(cue the old guys from the Muppets groaning... maybe throwing produce...or cream pies)

Do you have a silly joke you'd like to post?  *Keep it family friendly*, and feel free to write it up in the comment section below, or I will link to your site if you post one there.  Thanks for reading, and remember to enjoy a *laugh* today - it's good for you!



  1. In speaking about end of the year gifts, an elementary teacher reported that Sally (whose father owned a candy store), gave her a nice box of chocolates. Molly (whose father owned a florist shop), gave her a beautiful bouquet. And then there was Billy (always a trouble-maker and whose father owned a liquor store) who brought a large box which was leaking a liquid. The teacher put her finger on it and tasted it asking, "Is is a fine wine?" No, said Billy. "Is it champagne?" she asked. "Nope,said Billy. "It's a puppy!"

  2. A boy asks his dad "Will you remember me in a week?" Dad says "Yes." Boy asks "Will you remember me in a month?" Dad says "Yes." Boy asks "Will you remember me in a year?" Dad says "Yes." Boy asks "Knock Knock." Dad says "Who's there." Boy says "I thought you said you would remember me."

  3. Lol!! Those are great! Thanks for taking the time to share:0) Keep 'em coming...