Monday, November 29, 2010

Does Black Friday Count as Exercise?

The turkey was delicious.  We ate, the dogs ate, we all had our tryptophan and carbohydrate high and subsequent comatose state.  Our week had started off with snow that prevented us from doing some much needed Thanksgiving preparation shopping.  We made due (for the full story of  the melt-down, click here) and were acutely aware that a pomegranate-free thanksgiving does not a hardship make.  We were truly grateful for the bounty and provisions we had.

Now, as we stare down the week after the feast, I find myself asking, "Does Black Friday Count as Exercise?"  Actually, we celebrated Black Friday with more eating, rather than shopping.  So I suppose the obvious answer is NO!  With the cold weather, we didn't make it our for our annual neighborhood walk nor our attempt at throwing a football(usually we give up on this front as my children have inherited my sports abilities and settle for throwing tennis balls for the dogs - usually into the neighbors' yards by mistake)

We have a lot to make up for in the fitness department.  This, combined with the unusually cold weather, brings me to a debate for which I struggle to find a satisfying answer:  Dog Clothing.  I am still a BIG dog person, and my natural tendencies follow in accord.  Big dogs don't wear clothing.  Self-respecting ones, at least.  Somewhere along the line I think we have begun to see Lucy as one of the big dogs. 

I subconsciously throw food scraps to all the dogs as I cook, and frequently have palm-to-forehead moments when I forget to downsize portions for Lucy(What?  Oh, you can't swallow a whole kiwi slice.  Sorry.).  I'm not the only one to forget the size issue.  Sometimes Lucy herself needs reminding that she is a *little* dog.  She really isn't thrilled about the new puppy food we tried, and is always trying to sneak a taste of the big boys' food.  She fetches better than they do.  When she experienced her first snow this year, we had to call her in.  She was having so much fun, I think she forgot that she was a *little* dog(and turning blue).  She was just a girl, playing outside with the boys and kids and having a ball.   

Fact of the matter is, little dogs do get cold so much easier than big dogs(have you seen the awkward shakiness?)  There is only so much indoor play can provide.  They still need to get out, explore, and exercise.  This being our first cold season with a little dog I find my thoughts trailing to what I used to classify as the dark side... little dog clothes.  Previous judgement aside, maybe little dogs need those little booties to keep their tiny feet warm.  Perhaps those sweaters were more than tacky decorations. 

I will continue to deliberate as I eat my salad.  Yes, it has dressing.  Don't judge me!  Ugh.  Must. Get. Out.  Brrrr.  Stay tuned for possible pictures...


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