Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I started out to write something very poetic about what Thanksgiving truly is, but I got distracted.  It's okay, it wasn't very good, anyway.  I started looking for a photo.  Actually, it was that photo.  You know when you can picture a specific photograph in your head, but have absolutely no idea where to find it?  Well, I had the perfect one in mind for today. 

My middle son, Nick, {{loves}} Thanksgiving.  He loves turkey and family-togetherness.   I could remember a picture of Nick, lusting after the Thanksgiving turkey.  I just couldn't remember what year it was.  As I began to search through folder after folder of digital pics, I found it; it was in 2006.  Then I got distracted and accidentally closed that window.  ("crap" doesn't make for nice Thanksgiving talk, so let's just say I said, "Oh, feathers!")   Of course, I was in no way paying attention to the year, and went back to look in 2008.  Oh, it was there.  Hmmm... I thought Nick was younger.  I checked 2007; there was a Nick and Turkey picture there, too!  That was definitely the one I was thinking of.   But even that looked different from what I had first found.  I continued to dig, and it turns out we have three such pictures.  I also found that although Nick must have felt a tad too old to make the "turkey face" last year, his avidity for that turkey could not be hidden.




I think everyone was supposed to be smiling for my mom's camera(to my left) but Nick's attention was diverted elsewhere!
I am thankful that you stopped by to visit us here at Two and a Half Dogs!  I hope your turkey is moist, you're surrounded by loved ones, you get to see the whole parade or big game, and your day is filled with every reason to be thankful!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. Ah,yes! Nick is a great fan of Turkey Day...and of being thankful for all the good things in his life! As for me, I find real joy in being with all 5 - no, 8 - of you because there is always a very true underlying - and often very open - attitude of gratitude in each of your lives. My life IS filled with every reason to thankful!