Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cooped Up

A few weeks ago, our family was stuck at home, under the weather.  Not literally "under the weather" as in snowed in - that was later.  Let me start again...

Everyone was playing Button Button Who's Got the... well, cold/flu.  We had each gone through the sleeping-like-there-was-no-outside-world phase, then the up-wandering-around-aimlessly-still-in-a-stupor-phase, then the not-quite-back-to-normal-but-just-enough-energy-to-be-disagreeable phase.  Mom had not grocery shopped all week, and a riot was stirring over who got the last of the good snacks.

The dogs, however, were not sick.  The dogs were bored out of their gourds.  By the fourth day of complete lack of lively interaction from their human comrades, they had had it.  They had had it with being left alone, with not going out to play, with being overlooked.  They had had it, and they were about to blow.

Jack is usually a very mellow, apologetic dog(read: nervous and passive).  If he were a human, I think he'd be a bit like a sad Danny Kaye.  (Ken said, "...or Dustin Hoffman as Rainman...")  Indy's more of a Michael Clark Duncan: HUGE, lovable, and you're glad he's on your side.  Have you seen those license plates, "51% angel 49% psycho - don't push it" ?  That was Indy during sick week.  Those two snapped at each other over every little thing.  Whose turn it was to sit on the pillow by themselves, who got the red bone(Everyone LOVES the red bone.  I could fill a whole blog about the red bone. An ode to it, perhaps.  It was so coveted and adored that we bought a second red bone, but they still fight over the one -which, incidentally, is whichever one the other dog had first.) Where were we?  Oh, yes.  The fighting!  One dog could give a look that would provoke a duel betwixt the two.  (Meanwhile, Lucy is running around the room at lightening speed, up the walls, down the curtains, round and round the kitchen island...)  This really was a battle of the BIG dogs. 

The funniest thing I've ever seen is how my big dogs fight.  Now, don't send me hate mail... I don't enjoy dog *fighting*, but sometimes Jack & Indy can be hilarious.  This particular week, they were more intense than I had ever seen them.  I don't believe either dog was out to harm the other, but each wanted to let the other one know who was boss.   They would make eye contact, both would freeze momentarily, then one would flinch and it was on!  They reared up on their hind legs and lifted their lips and snarled.  They batted the air, trying to prove their dominant size.  Then, it happened.  The thing that always happens when my dogs fight.  Jack sneezed.  Then, shaking his head, he lifted his lips once more...  and promptly sneezed again.  Indy wasn't bothered by this because he, too, began to sneeze.  I don't know if it tickles to lift one's lips to one's nose or maybe my dogs are just allergic to themselves.  But every time they get into a scuffle, they begin to sneeze uncontrollably.  It's like watching an altercation between two asthmatic nerds.  "I'll (inhales deeply on inhaler) get (inhale) you..."  "Not (inhales) if I (inhales) get you (inhales) first..."

Amid the battle of the 'bless yous', Lucy quietly hunkered down under the feet of one of the infirm(who was apparently too out of it to notice what was going on) and busied herself with destroying her baby toy.  Aggression and boredom come in many forms, I suppose.  Our first post-illness trip to the store included a stop at the pet shop for two new chew toys.  Currently, Lucy is sleeping on top of the red bone. 

Here's wishing you good health and freedom to move about the cabin (and beyond!)


Gotta get to PetCo
on Oak Street in Cincinnati


All of that got me thinking... who would Lucy's famous human counterpart be?  I'm leaning towards a young Phyllis Diller or Cloris Leachman.  What do you think?



  1. Laughter is the best medicine...for whatever ails you!!! And, I for one, enjoyed a BIG dose of LOL with today's blog! Ha!Ha!ha!Ha!Ho!Ho!Ho!
    Your human counterparts are spot on...I think a young Cloris Leachman is Lucy, through and through! And the sneezing...what a hoot!

  2. Thanks :0) I only wish I could capture the sneezing on video. It never fails to crack us up!