Friday, December 17, 2010

Flashback Friday : Visitors

Do you have visitors coming for the holidays?  My grandfather-in-law, who is a welcoming host & a generous entertainer, says that "Company is like fish.  After three days in the house it begins to stink."  Well, try two weeks and four dogs.

A couple of years ago we dog-sat for some dear friends at Christmastime.  We were only supposed to have the dogs for part of the holiday, and then they would go to the kennel.  But being filled with holiday cheer and good will toward men(and their dogs), we thought, what's one more week?

Jack was thrilled.  He is so in love with visitors.  If he were human, he'd be the type of guy with fancy soaps, guest towels, and a thousand outdoor Christmas lights to spread cheer to one and all.

Our other yellow lab here is Salish, yawning or sneezing. 
And Daisy, the beagle, is tussling with puppy Indy

At first it was like camp!  We had training and treats...

Activity time.

Wrapping paper roll tug

They played king(or queen) of the pillow. 
Sometimes the girls won ...

Sometimes the 'babies' won.

Jack won once...

 So did Indy(he chose my favorite shoe as his trophy)

All this "whose turn is it" got tiring, so they changed the game to four-on-the-pillow. 

We played really hard in the backyard and got very, very sleepy!

But then it was day eight...  and I think Indy was ready to have his space back.

When four on the couch broke down into a mini-riot, we had to play four in the kennel.

The weather had worsened, and the company/fish smell had grown strong.  I'm sure metaphorically, we didn't smell that good either by that point to Salish and Daisy.  Somehow, we all made it through.  That's what families and friends do, right?  Especially around the holidays.

Wishing you a wonder-filled weekend &
all the merriment you can handle with family and friends this Holiday Season!



  1. What great pics! You are very brave! :) Our dog Rocky looks a lot like the beagle Daisy (except Rocky is probably three times her size ~ he's supposed to be on a diet!). Thanks for sharing your fun Flashback Friday ~ your pictures and post made me smile!
    Blessings to you~
    Cindy ;)

  2. Cindy, thanks!! I'm thrilled you stopped by(my daughter is picking herself up off the floor from when I screamed... "you'll never guess who left a comment today!")

    Gotta love those Beagles. And boy, can they eat! I remember our friend Daisy having to go on a diet when she was a bit older, too!

    So glad you stopped by. Merry Christmas!!