Monday, December 27, 2010

Going to the Dogs

We used to have a new(ish) couch.  It was the color "mushroom".  I loved the color "mushroom".  I drooled over the idea of matching mushroom ottomans.  (With three kids, however, there was no room for ottomans.)  The beautiful mushroom couch started out in our Living Room.  This is the room that people see when they first enter our home.  The Living Room is how we want to appear to others.  Crisp, clean, sleek... well kept.  We never use the Living Room.  If we did, it would look like the Family Room.

The Family Room is in the back of the house.  It is next to the kitchen, ergo snacks and accompanying evidence of such(crumbs, stains & spills).  It has the tv, ergo lots of seat-prints and sagging couch cushions.   This is the room in which the kids have their 'recreation' when the weather is not conducive to out-of-doors play.  The furniture in here is flipped onto, leapt onto, and is where all stunts usually terminate.  This was all before the dogs. 

I've blogged about couch issues before, but they are at an all time high(is it tempting fate to say this now?)  When we made the decision to homeschool our kids, the dilemma arose over where on earth I could teach them.  We tried the dining room, but were constantly traipsing out to the bookcases in the Living Room.  Alas, our furniture set-up had to change, and with it my snobbish hopes of having a beautiful, un-lived-in, show-room style facade to our home came to an abrupt end.

The beloved mushroom couch was moved into the *wince* family room.  I came very close to putting plastic over it, but then I remembered I'm not really that uptight, nor am I a hitman for the Mafia.  Somehow we have managed to prolong the life of the couch, and always get nostalgic when we steam clean it.  (Oh, I remember, that's what "mushroom" really looks like!  I like mushroom!!)

Tonight I sit on what is now the newer couch,  opposite of my original beloved, and with a sadness realize we've hit a new low.  The pillows are sagging, pillows and blankets strewn with abandon.  They kids have just run up to brush their teeth and go to bed after having watched Despicable Me for the umpteenth time, leaving preheated seats for the dogs.  The dogs have readily claimed their new thrones, and my poor couch is anything but mushroom.

I think one of the first New Year cleaning To-do list items should be to bring back the glory of my trusty couch.  Then set some new house rules, because this place is really going to the dogs!

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  1. That is just a hilarious blog, Heather!!!! And the picture is such a grand finale! I'm still laughing!!!