Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm So Happy I Could Pee!

I mentioned in an earlier post our set-up regarding dogs in the house.  They have their area, then we have baby gates sectioning off the dining and living rooms as well as the bedrooms upstairs.  The big dogs are used to this.  Before Lucy came, we could even leave a gate open, and the big dogs would just stay in their part of the house(unless the doorbell rang, then it was off to the races!).

Lucy has gotten upstairs a few times - mostly just to check things out, which was fine.   But when we'd catch her and bring her back downstairs, the big dogs were waiting to put her in her place.  They would just stand over her, towering, stern-faced(if dogs can be stern-faced), growling and barking short, salient cries.  They know the rules.  They obey the rules.  They were here first.  If anyone was going to break the rules, it would be them.  But no.  They obey, and she should too.  It was the couch incident all over, but even more intense. 

This past week, Lucy has been getting more and more daring in her escapes.  I don't know what gets into her, but she just jets through the gate - sometimes even as we're going through.  She speed-scurries, belly to the floor('cause she knows she's not supposed to do it), and races to each of the upstairs bedrooms.  She has a circuit down.  First Allie's room, then Nick's.  Then either Mom and Dad's if Mom's up there, because Mom will go easy on her, or Zack's because he has four million six thousand forty-two stuffed animals in his room.  Finding her in there is like Elliot's mom looking for E.T. in the closet.

So, what about the pee?  (there's a sentence to be proud of)  I think Lucy gets overwhelmed with all the excitement and exhilaration when she 'escapes' upstairs, and just can't multi-task.  Being continent and running around like a cat on the 'nip is just too much.  Thank goodness for ShamWows and Arm & Hammer pet spray!


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