Friday, December 10, 2010

No Peeking!

This week was big in the department of surprises and life lessons.  Like the fact that I thought I had masked the evidence that we had received our online purchases of gifts for the kids, but apparently my kids could lead their own Special Operations unit for the National Clandestine Service.  It didn't matter that I let the boxes lay unopened nonchalantly for the first half of the day, then snuck upstairs with them while my children appeared engrossed in their video games.  Never mind that upon opening the boxes and double checking the contents, I stashed them in the very back of my hazardous-to-your-health messy closet (Picture the Wardrobe in CS Lewis' Narnia, but instead of beautiful fur coats and an enchanted forest that is actually another world, it's just one mongo pile of clean clothes that I can wear and about a four dress-size range from "who are you kidding you'll never wear these again" skinny clothes to the "I can't believe I had to buy these" clothes.)  I even made things look authentic by draping some extra clothes on top all whopper-jawed, in line with the current state of the disarray.

Later that night it was revealed that one of my children had peeked.  At first I was mad.  Then really sad that I missed the look on that one's face, and if that one squealed to the others, then I'd miss their looks, too.  Ken balanced out my tirade of "how could yous" with a reasonable, "Of course you were curious... but I don't think you thought ahead about the ramifications of missing the magic of it together."  Still hurt and sputtering in the corner, I threatened to take back every one of this child's presents should this child tell the others.  Ken, once again, translated my threats into reason.  (thank you, honey)

The funny thing is, I remember peeking as a kid - once.  And everything that Ken said was true.  I felt so guilty, and the magic wasn't quite the same that year.  I remember confessing to my older cousin, not usually a confidant of mine - more like torturous older brother, but he was handiest(and least personally invested)!  He was surprisingly kind, and told me of a time he, too, had looked at the hidden gift stash. 

When I have shared this story this past week, I have had similar responses across the board - everyone has a peeking story - but it was only once.  Even Ken admitted to having pulled on a tear in the wrapping paper as a kid, revealing a coveted toy.  It only takes one time.  Funny how that is such a clear lesson learned.

I intended to apologize to my child for over-reacting, but it was actually my child who apologized to me first for not thinking ahead *sniff*.  I hugged my baby and said that I understood; I had been there myself, and had just forgotten how hard it is to resist certain temptations.  Then we put the kettle on for some hot cocoa.

Here's wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend, and all the magic unspoiled!



  1. Peeking child this week at our house too. He forgot to cover up the evidence (put the clothes back the way they were on the closet floor covering the sacks)so I knew someone had been there. Even more sad when he peeked at what's one of probably only two gifts this year, argh! And yes, I do have two specific peeking confessions of my own. I was truly just as excited to open my ice skates even though I had opened the end of the paper just enough to see the picture on the end of the box ;O) And I did enjoy my lip gloss (thanks, Mom!) even though I had taken it from under the tree, hid behind the couch, opened it, used it, then put it back :O) It wasn't wrapped very good, just a ribbon around the box, didn't even have paper. That's way too much temptation for a kid!

  2. Lol! I love that you *used* your present before you put it back!! Yes, my peeking one wasn't as stealth in rearranging the messy clothes again either. Well, our kids will find camaraderie in one another over this!

    We wrapped the presents early so there will be no more temptation to look for them. We used old boxes of odd shapes so the kids can't tell what it is by the shape, or by tearing a bit of paper!

  3. Hi you!!
    Great to read you! I peeked once too... I remember getting to the point where I wanted to savor the anticipation, but that wasn't until probably high school??
    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

  4. Thanks, Kimom(love your name!) I'm so glad you came by:) Yes, savored anticipation is something indeed! A mark of growing up, I suppose. Merry Christmas to you as well!!