Thursday, December 23, 2010

An Ornament for Lucy

A couple of Christmases ago, we saw the cutest ornaments!  I had never seen animal ornaments with quite this much personality.  "Jack" is above, and puppy Indy is here:

(Okay, so the closest Indy has come to hunting is chasing the pigeons in the backyard... but still, it was adorable.  Check out the baby tail!)

Our family is on our second annual ornament exchange.  It just seems counter-productive to bring more stuff into the house.  But ornaments... well, they are something you can give that is supposed to be put under the house, or stuffed into a closet for eleven months of the year.  This year there's a twist to the exchange: we're doing Secret Santa!  We picked names out of a bowl, and kept the identities a secret.  We have been going out in stealth little search parties like elf FBI agents.

Good ornaments are hard to find!  In the midst of our searching for our secret recipient, we've been looking for an ornament for Lucy.  It's tough when you have a mixed breed.  Dear Lucy is so sweet and unique, we have yet to find an ornament that captures her likeness.  I had errands all over town today, and browsed for a "Lucy" at every store I went to.  I was ready to give up; maybe wait and shop some after Christmas sales at the specialty shops or online.  Then it hit me: what better likeness of Lucy than Lucy!  So with some paper scraps, a printer-printed photo, a small dollar tag from Target, and an x-acto knife (I have a love-hate relationship with my x-acto - tonight we were on good terms!) ~ Voila!  An ornament for Lucy!

Do you have a favorite ornament?  Maybe you have a couple!  I love that ornaments, like familiar smells or songs, can bring back memories.   What are some favorites in your house?


  1. Well, let see! My most favorite ornaments are ones that were made for me - or that were given to me...and I love them because of the person who gave them! I think that my most unique ornament was made several years ago with just me in mind. A young friend of mine had drawn my name in our book club ornament exchange and she remembered that I really LOVE peanut butter - especially Jif, creamy style. SO, she created a perfect minature jar of - Yes! Jif creamy style peanut butter - and tied a lovely red ribbon around it and presented it to me with great flair! That is one (of many!) ornament that never goes into the Christmas boxes at the end of the sits in a special place on our bookcase in the dining room, 24/7!

  2. Oh! I {{love}} that! How thoughtful and personal. What a kind friend :0)