Thursday, December 9, 2010

Po tA to, Po tah to

One man's [family's] trash [fridge clean-out] is another man's [dog's] treasure [favorite meal].  The dogs know when it's refrigerator clean out day.  I don't know how they can differentiate which bowls or containers are being pulled out and know beyond a shadow of a doubt those were for them, but they do.  It's not spoiled food(that helps no-one).  It's just food that may have been that last bit no one ate and I couldn't bear to throw away.  Or things in the fridge that dried out and wouldn't taste good reconstituted in gravy - to a human palate, anyway.  (ever tried pb&j with gravy?  didn't think so - but the dogs {{love}} it!)

This week's menu was a bit like the twelve days of Christmas...(it's a stretch, but sing along in your head)

When I looked in my fridge for some doggy gourmet treats
I found all this yummy cuisine:

five spears of mango,
four small potatoes,
three quesadillas,
two golden apples,
one crunchy carrot,

...and some Trader Joe's left-over Gravy



  1. that actually looks really tasty, like some sort of yummy stew!

  2. Heehee! Well, I don't know about how well all the flavors would blend... but the dogs were sleeping happy that night!