Friday, January 7, 2011

Bone Appetit!

The Christmas tree is still up at our house.  Yes, it's real.  Yes, it would probably go up like a tinderbox.  At first, I thought I'd use Epiphany as an excuse, but December 6th came and went.  There goes that.  I was confessing to my hair stylist today that the tree was still up.  She offered an excuse..."Do you still turn the lights on though?"  I slunk a little further in the chair... "yes"

Why should Christmas be over so soon?  It comes at the same interval every year, you'd think after thirty-some I'd have it down.  Halloween.  Thanksgiving.  Christmas.  New Year.  Wait eight months; repeat.  But I'm not done with it yet.  The tree lights will still go on.  Perhaps my procrastination could be blamed, in part, on the devastation that is under the tree.  A few stray boxes; some tissue paper; Scottish Shortbread & Chef Boyardee Ravioli and the deflated stockings from whence they came;  two DVDs; {no partridge} but a plethora of needles.  Once the denial is over and the tree comes down, it's a chore to clean up after Christmas.

But that's not what I started out to blog about today.  Today's blog is about the coolest dog present ever.  Certainly one of the most entertaining.  My director wannabe shot a funny video of the dogs "opening" their BIG present from Santa Christmas morning.

This bone was the envy of all three dogs.  As the weeks passed, the bone traded hands paws several times, and then back again.
Is it my turn yet?

Sure, as long as you know who's top dog though.

You stay on your end, and I'll stay on my end.

Who are we kidding, what's yours is mine, and what's mine is mine.

Indy had his turn, too

Lucy snuck in a few extra chews once Jack and Indy were fast asleep...

still sleeping...

he's out of it too...

so good

After two weeks of constant gnawing, licking, and hording, the bone turned into this ewwey gooey mess and slowly disintegrated. 




still going

how many licks does it take... one..two..three..


This afternoon, all that was left was the knuckle bone.

And with that, I'm off to take down my Christmas tree.  *sigh* 
Wishing you a fun-filled weekend, and a Bone Appetit!



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