Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Price is Right

Well, Bob Barker would be proud.  We have just set a date with the Vet for Lucy to go through the big change.  Do dogs go through the same things as humans when they come out of the Dr's with less parts than they went in with?  Should we expect hot flashes?  Night Sweats?  Mood Swings?  Perhaps there is a flyer.  "Our Bodies, Ourselves: Canine Edition"? 

Lucy has been quite moody with the big boys lately.  I'm starting to see where the profane comparison of female dogs to grouchy women came from.  I wonder if this operation will mellow things out a bit.  Time will tell.  Empathetic to her upcoming procedure, I decided to look up a recipe for doggy cookies.  For what creature can remain un-cheered by cookies?  It's the least we could do. 

Many of you may know of Chica and Jo, and their website.   Maybe I have been under a rock, or perhaps a pile of laundry, but I just found it.  I was delighted.  They have all things crafty and creative *including* an awesome recipe for dogs treats(Peanut Butter ones, Yum!).  I couldn't help but love the fact that Chica mentions she loves dogs - BIG dogs(!) AND her giant German Shepherd is named Jack.  So, of course I felt an instant connection.  If you've never been there, then check them out

This evening my son Zack and I went to work on Project Feel-Better.  Jack, Indy, and Lucy stood dutifully by, asking with excited eyes if they could lick the spoons(but of course!)  This recipe was super easy, and smelled delicious!  We tested it out with just a half a batch, and I'm wondering if it will last until Little Lu comes home.  My guess is no. 

(Umm, yes, it was white flour.  Don't judge me!)

Thanks, Zack.  Looks nice!  Love the exclamation;)


Post Script ~ When each of the subsequent kids and my dear husband came downstairs to see what smelled so devilishly delicious, they all said, (with great indignation) "So are you baking Jack and Indy's names, too? " After all, we are a BIG DOG family, so why the little dog preferential treatment?  In my defense, Jack and Indy got to do a lot of sampling, and the whole batch was for all three dogs. In the end, loyalty to first loves won.  The Big Boys each have their own monogram cookie in the oven as I type.


  1. What a kick! Is there anything that would prevent humans from eating the treats? The treat may need to be soaked in some coffee or tea, but it sure looked good. Lucky dogs. A delight to read your blog. Keep up the great work. This should become a book.

    Love, Dad

  2. Dad, you make me laugh. Thanks!