Friday, January 28, 2011

She's a Keeper

At what point do we admit that we might actually be keeping Lucy?  Although we started out ending our sentences with "if we keep her", the frequency of this post-script is rapidly diminishing.  We took her to the veterinarian to get 'checked out', and ended up getting the whole enchilada: the Puppy Package.  We got her an engraved tag.  She has her own retractable leash, just like the big dogs, but smaller and in pink.  We bought her a sweater for the unusually cold nights.  {A sweater!  Us!} 

The yappy neighbor dogs don't bother us quite as much anymore.  Oh my gosh, we have become the yappy neighbor dog!  Well, Lucy barks voraciously at any wafting scent or moving target, and then we whistle for her to come inside.  Our neighbors *ahem* just ignore their little dogs' incessant barking.  Hopefully we will not become that kind of little dog owners.

That poses an interesting question: is it the little dogs or their owners whom I have previously held in contempt?  In having Lucy these past six months, I have learned so many thing that have torn down walls of misconceptions.  {the sweater, for example}  Having a little dog brings out the protector, the defender, the talk-baby-talk-voice in people.  (still hate that - especially when I catch myself doing it!)  Food for thought, I suppose.

So, here we are.  Lucy's been with us for six months.  We didn't expect to have her for six weeks.  Our list of requirements for an acceptable adoptive family grew each day we had her, until we realized somewhere along the line that we were describing ourselves.  We have all learned so much from Lucy.  She can be a crazy little thing, but she is mostly sweet, happy, and eternally optimistic.  She has brought the family together, and allowed us to feel like we accomplished something special together.

I guess you could say, She's a Keeper


  1. Finally! *sigh of relief* ... I've been waiting for you guys to say that for so long! LOL!

  2. Me, too!!! Extra LOL!!! She is indeed a keeper! Lucy has been my little granddog from the moment she came dripping out of the pool in the arms of my dripping grandchildren!!! We all DO love Lucy!