Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Try and Keep Her Quiet for Five Days or So..."

Was the vet kidding?  Five days?  Sure, most humans would be glad to bask in five glorious percocet-induced restful days, but a Terrier?  Huh-uh.  The first day after Lucy came home, we tried to keep her in her kennel as much as possible.  She was obliging.  However, instead of letting that rest-time speed her healing, I swear she was just storing up her energy for when she got out. 

Holy smokes!  When we did let her out, she tore around the room zero-to-sixty in three seconds flat, found her favorite toy & practically threw it at me - didn't even stop.  She gave each of us in the room a "C'mon, people, let's do something here." look.   It was like in There's Something About Mary when they give the dog speed.  Except Brett Favre did not show up.  At all.  {sigh} Oh, well.

Lucy's really doing remarkably well considering what she underwent.  She's getting the royal treatment(canned food instead of kibble) while the big dogs are beaming daggers in our direction.  She's tearing up the house until she crashes.  We're trying to cuddle her as much as possible, an attempt to "keep her quiet"... but what gives?  She's a dog.  A hyper little dog at that.  She doesn't understand all this.  Ken asked why she would still be running around so much and wouldn't that hurt?  I surmised that perhaps it was an "ow, ow, ow! Something's getting me.  I will out-run it." kind of thing.

Then last night, when all the craziness had taken a temporary hiatus, she and Jack had a moment:

(I think Jack is lobbying to be counted as a *little* dog)


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