Sunday, January 16, 2011

What's Up, Doc?

Lucy has not been very nice lately.  In fact, she has been downright nasty.   Right after the new year, she decided eating dog food simply didn't work for her any more.  If she could have, I think she would have rolled her eyes.  This is after we had relented and began serving her the big boy chow a month or so ago.  (I'm a BIG girl now, thank you very much!)  For the first few days of the year, she merely sniffed her food and walked away.  Indy's no fool.  "There's food there, and it's going to waste.  I will eat it."  This did not go over well with Lucy. 

I've had the pleasure of raising toddlers before, and know that sometimes a battle of wills ensues over food choice.  There are some battles worth fighting, while some are better left under a watch and wait stance.  This was clearly a battle over food selection.  The BIG dogs have gone through it once or twice.  There was nothing wrong with the food...  when she was hungry, she'd eat what was served.  Until then, no people snacks. 

After three days of combat, Lucy: 3; mom: 0, I grew concerned.  Indy's plumping up on the food he can embezzle, while Lucy's getting skinnier and way past cranky at anything that moves.  She is simply not interested in her food, but it's still hers.  If there's anything birth-order 'babies' know, it's when something is theirs.  No one else may have it.  Period.

Do you remember in Peter Jackson's, Lord of the Rings, when mild-mannered Bilbo Baggins saw his old ring on the chain around Frodo's neck, and went berserk?  Well, Lucy looked a lot like that.  (Here, I found a picture online.)  Great flick, scary still-frame.  Scarier as a cantankerous terrier.

Little Lu was scheduled for her "life altering" surgery last Thursday, but in light of her present mood, we relented.  She had gone from lack of interest in food to crazed mercenary hiding under the couch.  Not a good sign.  We re-scheduled with the vet for a consultation. 

In the meantime, Lucy was allowed special temporary privileges including sleeping upstairs in the kids' rooms.  She liked Allie's room, but it was too clean.  Nick's was alright - still clean, but on the plus side there were lots of blankets and a few stuffed animals.  Zack's room fit her just right.  The room is one big carnival of plush.  She could snuggle down and escape whatever was making her feel so lousy.

Murphy's Law can sometimes work in your favor.  Once the surgery was postponed, and the consultation appointment made, Lucy started to perk up a negligible amount.  She would eat a few bites of her food(well, we did pour pot roast drippings over it).  She stopped chewing Indy out so much.  Eventually, her tail resumed its familiar wagging and she appeared back to her rather pleasant self.  She seemed to be doing so well that we even tempted Mr. Murphy by cancelling the check-up. 

Today she made it on a walk with the pack, and is presently happily running about the room chasing balloons from a family birthday party.  (Happy Birthday, Allie!!!)

Here's to a happy, healthy Lucy... and a peaceful, albeit chaotic, household once more.



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