Saturday, February 12, 2011

See Lucy Drive

The big dogs have their 'place' in the back of the truck.  Room to turn around, lick the windows and smile(Jack), melt in fear of being in the big moving box(Indy), and occasionally bark for joy(Jack) or continuously whine/yelp nervously(Indy).  Lucy doesn't mind vehicular outings, but is not thrilled of traveling in her kennel (not that I blame her).  She usually starts out on the lap of one of the kids and, after wending her way through all available backseat laps, eventually ends up on Mom's.

During a recent weekend "errands" jaunt, backseat driving was simply not good enough for Lucy.  Apparently neither was the passenger seat...
See Lucy drive.
(Yup, this is where I was supposed to be all along.)
See Lucy look.
(You're all clear.)
See Lucy sit.  Sit, Lucy, sit.  Good girl, Lucy.
(Any minute now; watch out for the cross-walk guy, though.)

Spot's got nothing on Lucy.  (Sorry, Spot.)


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