Friday, March 4, 2011

Birthday Bowls

Our year starts with a Big Birthday Bang amongst the humans.  We have January, February & March dates, with the later two falling only a week and a day apart.  It is busy to say the least.  Dad claims the February celebration, and his requests are always simple.  "What I really want is for you kids to get along"  has been topping the list for the past 10 years.  Our daughter actually said to me, "I have no idea what to get Dad; the only thing he's asked for is something impossible."  Hmmm.  Next his list was new dog bowls.

The current BIG DOG dishes are a sleek stainless steel.  (I thought they were lovely)  But foot traffic in our kitchen/nook/family room has very little room for error.  The steel bowls, no matter how well placed at meal time, have a way of scooting underfoot whenever one needs a thoroughfare.  The sound the bowls produce when accidentally kicked or tripped over is a resonating jangle.  When thusly attacked, they have the remarkable ability to take flight and make contact with multiple surfaces before crashing back to the ground, magnifying the unpleasant sound.

Growing up, I never really noticed sounds.  I loved music and was attuned to most things melodic in nature, but things such as nails tapping, other people chewing, or incessant whistling were simply not on my radar.  (Often because I was the whistler, not the whistlee)  Fate has a funny way of attracting opposites. 

My dear husband is deeply troubled by background noises: annoyed by loud chewers, tormented by even the happiest of whistlers(sorry, hon!), driven insane by the bowls.  Sympathetic to his distress, the kids and I began searching for bowls as a Christmas gift.  Not finding quite what we were looking for in time for the holidays, his birthday's proximity worked in our favor. 

Steel bowls were of course off the list, even the rubber-footed ones.  Rubber trim would last all of 47.3 seconds in our house with our avid gnawers of the canine variety.  Indy has an allergic reaction to plastic(go figure), so that's out.  We all agreed glass would summon its own adversity.  That left us with ceramic.  One poorly calculated basketball dribble and it's done for.  Still, it was our only option short of paper plates.  We shopped the clearance racks to ease any future guilt and, Ta-Da!

Cute, huh?  

In an effort not to show too much prejudice, we also found a dedicated Lucy bowl.  No more confusing mix-ups. 

It was a Happy {Serene} {Tranquil} Birthday, indeed.

Here's wishing you a happy, bother-free birthday, whenever it may be!


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  1. Yeah, those bowls were such a good purchase! They are so cute!