Monday, March 7, 2011

Taking Back the House : Part One

There is something inherently yucky about dog drool.  It can be funny, hanging shoe-lace style and paired with droopy eyes intent on having whatever it is you're having.  But mostly, it's just yucky.  It's yucky on dog toys, tennis balls, and when trying to clean dog food dishes(NASA should look into it for it's relentless lubrication) 

It's at it's yuckiest, however, puddled on a couch.  A microfiber couch.  "The look of suede, yet easy to clean!", they promised.  Thus far, I have disagreed.  It was as if this fabric was made solely for the purpose of sopping up moisture like a shammy, and then proudly displaying the rings declaring just how much it soaked up.  (Yay, look at me!)

I have steam cleaned my beloved couch many times before.  It never stays fresh and drool-free for long, no matter the optimism or intentions.  I loathe the whole steam cleaning process.  The physical toil alone: the back ache, the raw knuckles... it's not worth the momentary glimpse of what once was. 

Never fear, I have found a new trick. Well, new to me.  After I discovered this trick, I googled it to see if others knew.  Turns out they do.  A lot of them, actually.  You may be one of those.  If so, you've just spent x amount of minutes you'll never get back reading this post on what you already knew.  My apologies.

Behold the multi-purpose Baby Wipe!

Instantly remove all watermarks from microfiber.

(See?  Yucky.)




Come on in and have a seat!


  1. Multi-purpose baby wipe as in you can use them for multiple purposes or is there a baby wipe called "multi-purpose" LOL!!!! Can you use any kind of wipes? Did the container come with those cute colors? I'd be tempted to buy them for that reason alone! And thanks for the tip. I was in the 'I didn't know that' crowd so time not wasted :O) Did I ask too many questions?

  2. Why thank you very much! I just might take a seat on this nice un-droolie couch... yes, very nice... very nice...

  3. Sheri, lol! They're plain ole baby wipes, I have just been enjoying their multi-purpose-ness. They get little spots of mud off the carpet, fresh stains and spills off of clothes, and awesomely clean microfiber!

    Isn't that container cute?!? Where were those fun things when we had babies, huh? It's just Huggies from Target, being all cute and designer-y.

  4. Allie, I just walked by the couch and saw this humongo drool patch. I don't think I threw on the towel before we left for Grant and Kathy's last night. Ugh. Be my guest, though... it does provide a certain sense of accomplishment seeing the yuckiness vanish before your eyes. It's like a cool trick...come try for yourself ;)

  5. thanks.... T_T (me: not sure if i should ignore the stain and keep blogging then do it later or just ignore the stain completely... hmmm)