Friday, March 25, 2011

Too Much TV

This is what happens when you are engrossed in the television, and fail to notice the eerie silence in the back yard.  The recent rains have left puddles the size of swimming pools, and apparently it looked like fun to Lucy to snorkel for treasure.  In the mud.  (Ooh, a rock!) {Look!  Bubbles!}

The usual cleaning regimen of baby wipes and shammy towels didn't even make a dent in the ground-in sand and dirt.  Thanks to Super-Dad(he lost the coin toss), Lucy had a bath and ended up looking like this...

More fun in the tub...

Time to dig another hole.


  1. OH Lucy!!!! Just as with a third child, she makes me laugh...and laugh!!! Great pics and post!

  2. Lucy is sooooooo adorable!