Friday, March 11, 2011


My mom gave me a book.  Actually, she gives me many books.  Many, many books.  She is a stellar reader, both in book volume and reading agility.  She is often the impetus behind my revolving 7-8 books cluttering up my nightstand at any given time.  She means well; she would read the books as fast as she gives them to me.  In fact, she does.  But I tend to be a more lazy selective reader.  If a book drags for me, I won't stick with it.  Mom will finish it zero to sixty in an afternoon. 

Her latest gift was House of Havoc by Marni Jameson.  I'm hooked.  It's so much more than a book filled with great tips on how to have an aesthetically amazing home.  It's funny, smart, and realistic.  The book is done in such a way that you could easily flip to a chapter on a particular problem you would want to read about.  I started on chapter 4.  It was about dogs. 

In the dog chapter, Marni interviewed Laurence Sheehan, author of Living with Dogs.  When asked, Mr. Sheehan noted that a key to "successful canine cohabitation" is "disaster prevention".  How?  He puts out squeaker toys and leaves the tv on for his dogs so they won't get bored when the family goes out sans furry companions. 

We have always been opposed to any noise inducing toy, be it for our children or for the dogs(see our otolaryngological idiosyncrasies here)  But if a dog toy squeaks when there is no freakazoid human around to hear it, does it make a sound?  Might be something to ponder...

What really got my imagination going was, what would my dogs like to watch on tv?  {WWJW}  What would Jack watch?

I think Jack would quite enjoy daytime talk shows.  Probably most home and garden themed shows as well.   If allowed to over-indulge, he might even find himself hooked on Soaps.  TLC staples such as Say Yes to the Dress & What Not to Wear would be a given.  Providing water on television doesn't petrify him, he'd probably take in synchronized swimming... and for sure ice skating.

Indy would be more inclined towards the Food Network, physical reality shows and definitely ESPN - favoring the likes of Rugby and Lacrosse(Perhaps even in Picture in Picture).  He'd love Bobby Flay, Emeril, and Guy Fieri.  Amazing Race & Survivor?  Absolutely.  Probably would like the hunting and fishing shows, too(did you know there is a Sportsman Channel?)  Oh, and he'd never miss a Pro Surfing Competition. 

Lucy would go more for the intellectual/fasionista/power play entertainment.  I see crime shows, Judge Judy, America's Next Top Model, The Apprentice, and Project Runway on her list o' favs.  Also Roller Derby, for sure!

How about your Furry Friends?  If given the choice, what do you suppose would be on their must-see line up?

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  1. Those tv shows do say a lot about our wonderful furry friends... do you think when we leave the house, that they watch tv behind our backs? I can so imagine that! *haha*