Monday, April 11, 2011

A BBQ Story : Nothing Here Except Us Grills

We had a wonderful Spring Break; how about you?  The weather was pretty crazy {we even got some snow!} but by the weekend the sun was out and we were BBQin'!  We jump-started the weekend on Thursday night with some friends over for burgers.  I can't decide if I'm unmitigatedly cheap or deliciously sinful in my food choices, but I chose the really yummy (read: the 80/20) ground beef.  The kind that conjures instant flare-ups on the grill.  But mmm, so juicy!

I was doing my best to keep an eye on said flames when I noticed that Indy was licking Lucy's head.  "Hey, everyone," I said, "how cute is that!  He's taking care of her."  Funny that my mind allowed me to bypass reason {why is he being nice to her?  he's never just nice to her} and go with what seemed cute, cuddly, and made my dogs seem like little angels in front of company.

A few minutes later, Ken came home from work and observed, "Hey, her head's really wet."  I boasted proudly, "That's from Indy.  He's been licking her.  Sweet, huh?"  My level-headed hubby said, "Why is he licking her?"  Me: "Ummm, I don't know.  I just thought it was brotherly and kinda adorable."

As I stood in front of the grill, slowly twisting the spatula in my hand, I began to recapitulate the current situation.  Just then, I noticed Lucy running under the grill, like a kid going through a sprinkler, and back to an impatient Indy, who immediately began licking her with great furor.  As I looked closer, her head was not "wet", it was greasy!  She looked like a dumpster cat {or rat!}, her now dingy-grease colored fur spiked up every which way.

The way I figure, Indy and Lucy must have had a conversation something like this:

Indy:  "Psst, Lu.  Lu!  C'mere.
Lucy:  What?
Indy:  Do you smell something good?
Lucy:  Yeah, I do.
Indy:  It's coming from that big, black thing there.
Lucy:  I know.  But it's very high up.
Indy:  Yes, but there is a magical fountain under the big black thing that is very yummy.  If you run under it, you will be yummy, too.
Lucy:  Really?
Indy:  Trust me.

So, back to the bath Lucy went.  Her second one in as many weeks.  Only this time, regular puppy shampoo would just slip right off her oil-slicked fur.  I brought up some watered down Dawn dish soap.  I figured if it could help save all those birds after oil spill disasters, it should be able to get out {yes, even} 80/20 hamburger grease.  Thankfully, Dawn came through.  Amazing product, really.

It sounded like a good idea when Indy said it.


  1. This is just TOO funny!!! I'm still laughing...and I honestly think that I can HEAR Indy's voice enticing Lucy to stand under that grill! What a hoot!

  2. Thanks! It was a pretty hilarious evening once we figured out what was really going on :0)

  3. Great story! It cracked me up :-) And I agree, 80/20 hamburger makes the BEST burgers. Yum!