Friday, April 8, 2011

Flashback Friday: Really BIG Dogs

I have two stories regarding really *BIG* dogs.  They are both stories of unrequited love.  Our Yellow Lab, Jack, is a textbook romantic.  He loves him some girl dogs.  (let's be honest, he's loved him some boy dogs, too)  But he has a type...

About two years ago, we were out at one of our favorite parks.  The kind where it's quiet enough that we can unleash the dogs for a good run without bothering anyone.  Usually.  There has been the occasional embarrassing scuffle when our dogs catch wind of another dog and take off in hot pursuit.  Our worst fear has always been little dogs & their owners.  Each encounter with said creatures has proved positively mortifying.  Our overly-friendly labs come off as psycho zealots(they just can't pull off "normal" around other dogs, no matter the size)  So, we wince as we sprint and prepare for humble apologies.  {It helps that I'm a slower runner than my husband, thus letting him reach the offended party first and take the lead in apologizing.  He does not like to go to the park with the dogs.}

Our reactions shift when we see that the object of our dogs' mad dash is another big dog & owner.  We slow down our chase and cautiously exhale while we wait for the other party's reaction to our socially challenged canines.  If we see fellow Lab owners, we relax almost completely knowing that they're most likely used to the single-minded dopey ambushes. 

On this particular day, long before Lucy had entered our lives, Jack and Indy caught wind of something big.  I mean, really, really big.  They took off across the field like missiles.  We looked and saw the object of their interest: a majestic and regal Great Dane.  Her name was Effie.  She was a breeder's dog.  Perfectly pedigreed, and very well behaved.  Thankfully, her owner was gracious despite the colossal societal gap.

Indy wasn't too sure what to make of Effie.  Perhaps it reminded him of the time he saw horses on the beach.  At first he had only caught sight of them from the corner of his eye.  Then he did a cartoon worthy double take and let out a resonant bellowing "WoooWoooWoooWooo!" that shot him backwards on each "wooo" like the kickback on a rifle.  {What kind of creature ARE you?!?}  Effie's long legs and bodily proportions must have seemed to fit the genus division closely enough for him.  Even after the initial adrenaline had worn off, Indy seemed to keep one eye trained on her at all times.

Jack, as I have said, has a type.  When he saw Effie, the clouds parted and music must have swelled in his ears.  He could practically walk under those long, beautiful legs of hers.  With stars in his eyes, whole body wagging and tongue hanging out, he approached her.  The two of them romped a bit, politely guardedly on her part, chuckle-headed on his.  But after a while, romping was simply not enough for Jack.  He began to lick the corners of her mouth.  Obsessively.  As I understand it, this is a showing of respect and admiration among canines.  Sort of like kissing-up to the boss.  A little here and there is fine.  But too much and you may be looking at{not a real site} 

Jack didn't know when enough was enough.  Soon, Effie was shrugging away and looking at her owner as if to say, "Can we please go NOW?"  We said our goodbyes, and extended our thanks for not making us curse having come to the park that day.  Jack may not have found his soul mate, but he was smiling all the way home.

The second story is a confirmation of Jack's "type".  We had some dear friends over last summer.  They came with their beautiful dog, Kianna.  She is an Alaskan Malamute, and a huge sweetheart.  Once again, Indy's suspicion grew  {are you sure you're not a horse?}  and Jack's eyes glossed over.  BIG girls.  He likes BIG girls.  Unfortunately he had yet to learn "suave", and what started out as a diverting get-together for all turned into deja vu all over again. 

Jack's got his smiling face on

Trying to steal a kiss

It's okay; I don't think she's a horse. 

Just to put the above photos in perspective, Indy was topping out around 105 lbs back then.  {He has since reduced a bit for the health of his joints & bones... Good Boy!}  Forget that Jack looks like a miniature in these photos, Kianna actually made Indy look small!  

All of this was before we had Lucy.  Can you imagine her in the mix?  Talk about polar proportions.  I think the ratio of Lucy to Kianna would be comparable to Indy and his horse {Woo!}. 

Have a great weekend, folks.  Enjoy the *little* and the BIG things in life...just don't overdo it.

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  1. I love those stories! They made me laugh so hard:D