Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reasons to Get a Dog

We're trying something new today on Two and a Half Dogs!  It's a Top Ten list.  I know, it's not very original.  But it can be a kick to see all the different Top Tens that people come up with.  Over at OhAmanda, she's got a great link list.  Sure, it's a little {LOOK AT ME}, but sometimes it's fun to trade glances.

Top Ten {Tuesday}
Top Ten Reasons to Get a Dog

3.   you had the urge to buy a pink argyle sweater {but are too old for dolls}

4.  you have money to burn on dog food

    look what I can do
6.  nap buddy!

8.  you don't have to dig your own drainage holes in the yard

9. guiltless fridge clean-out 

10. you will never be bored at midnight

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{Getting any kind of animal is a big decision and comes with great responsibility.  The need for patience and the opportunity for kindness are multiplied tenfold.  The ability to laugh & a sense of irony comes in handy, too.}


  1. Oh, I love these! I remember looking over your shoulder a little bit when you were working on this post and I was thinking, "Wow, those are really funny!" and now after seeing the whole thing I couldn't stop giggling and laughing! My favorite picture is the one of Jack and his brilliant new trick... that was so funny:)

  2. Love it! Soooo funny and very creative :-)