Friday, April 22, 2011

Somebody Makin' Toast?

There is something about the aroma of toast that gathers people together.  It's a simple yet powerful force.  {I think it's at the molecular level}  Vivid memories of early mornings at my grandparents' house flood my mind each time I detect that unique toast bouquet.  It is likened to or supplanted by nothing else.

Apparently, Indy thinks so too. 

Of course, it's not JUST Indy.  All the dogs love toast-time.

Behold, the all-powerful Wizzard of Toastdom
(referred to hereinafter as WT)
{He is the one in the plaid jammies.}

Notice the eye contact.  Indy dares not take his eyes off the toast for a second.
WT has a way of making it disappear.

Indy: I'm watching

I'm watching very carefully.

If you need any help, oh great and powerful WT, I am here!

Watching and waiting.

Hey.  Hey, whatcha doing? 
{WT:  Just a minute, boy...}

Okay, WT.  I will wait.  I am very, very good at waiting.

Watching and waiting.


Oh, thank you good and kind WT; thank you!
{good boy!}

Is anyone going to have that other piece?

Have a wonderful weekend, folks!  I am so glad you stopped by today; thank you!

Wishing you great rewards for watching and waiting,



  1. Indy looks like such a good, sweet, gentle boy. My Boone would rip my fingers off if I gave him a treat that way. But then, he's also just a baby at 10 months old.

  2. Hi Rachel! Indy's pretty great:0) {squirrels, horses, and small animals he can't decipher might disagree..} My daughter had to work on the "gentle" command quite a bit with both the bigs dogs. They are quite good at the waiting/gentle idea now.

    Boone will come around, too! 10 months is still that squishy-restless-distracted-energetic stage. It was hard to take our dogs for a simple walk their whole first year. (Who am I kidding, it's still an ordeal!) But the playfulness of that age is priceless. Gotta love the play.

    Btw, I {love} that name, "Boone".

  3. Ooh, toast sounds good now:O

  4. Allie, you're too funny! Wait, toast DOES sound good right now...