Friday, April 15, 2011

This Week, It Was Yogurt

Two and a half weeks ago, it was mud.   Last week it was hamburger grease.  This week it was yogurt.

You see, Ken went to grab himself a snack.  Whenever the seal on the fridge door squishes open with that tell-tale {mfffpfft} sound, two and a half dogs are right there.  Sometimes, I think they plan their arrival in great detail.  They vote on which dog will stand, sit, or lie down behind you right at your knee level so that as you turn around you will trip over said dog and fall down like a human pinata, dropping the food you just got out of the fridge.  Then, they split the loot.  Occasionally, however, one dog decides to go rogue on a solo mission.

Tonight, it was Lucy.  Ken grabbed a yogurt from the fridge.  {mfffpfft}  Lucy ran over to him and waited for the perfect opportunity.  Ken peeled back the thin foil lid and turned to toss it in the garbage.  As if in a slow motion wild-animals-attack sort of move, Lucy sprung up (apparently, her new thing), making a grab for the lid.  (Ken forgot to lick the yogurt from the back.  That's good yogurt!)  Unhappily for Lucy, she didn't get a substantial enough grip on the lid.  She merely managed to dislodge it from Ken's hand, thus flinging it up (still in slow motion, of course) into the air. 

The lid stayed in the air for like, a minute and a half.  Well, it sure seemed that way.  It made several rotations before giving way to Murphy and his Laws, falling yogurt-side down on Lucy's head.

The placement of the yogurt was extremely irritating to Lucy.  She spun around in circles several times, and unsuccessfully pawed at her head.  I did not feel like indulging her in an entire bath, so I called for Indy.  After all, he cleaned her up the last time.  Indy approached.  Indy attempted to lick.  Lucy did not like that.  This was her yogurt.  She earned it.  And darned if someone was going to exploit her for snacks ever again!

My yogurt!

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  1. OK...I have to post on this one - your combo of story and pics is just too funny! It truly is LOL - which I am still doing as I write! Thank you Heather - Laughter really is THE BEST medicine!