Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Are You Wearing?

I have come to the realization I cannot leave my house as a clean person.  I know I begin clean.  I take a shower, put on clean clothes, yet when I am in the car, balancing the cd cases that I am switching, I inevitably notice dirt.  Schmutz, dried slobber, a muddy tennis ball mark or quite often a paw print. 

Many homes have the coveted mud room.  In order to preserve the nicer areas of the home, one can enter through the mud room, remove said mud, and continue on through the rest of the house clean.  I need an out-of-the-mud room.  A dressing area post-goodbye to dogs, and that one last game of fetch.

Today I drove my daughter to co-op and didn't bother to switch the CD.  (It was, appropriately, the new Francesca Battistelli song about the small stuff that drives you crazy...)  I show up at co-op cluelessly wearing this:

(how could I miss this?!?)

It's not looking good for the dogs to get to play that one last game before we leave the house.  Summer, I covet your sunshine and your dirt.  Spring: I'm not diggin' the rain and the mud.


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