Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Once Was: Still Lamenting Over That Couch

If you have joined us here at Two and a Half Dogs before, you might already know that I have a "thing" for my beloved couch.  If you're new to the blog, {welcome!}, consider yourself warned.  I love my couch.  My dogs love it, too.  It is was mushroom.  It is was SO PRETTY!   You can find previous posts on the undoing of its former glory here, in Queen of the Couch, or here, in Going to the Dogs

I seemed to have conquered the dog-drool difficulties the couch has been subjected to in Taking Back the House; Part One.  That illusion lasted, at best, a week.  At first, I thought myself rather clever.  I even had this high aspiration of having helpful little "Taking Back the House" posts periodically, chronicling my conquests in each pet-ridden, overly lived in areas of the house.  I am now coming to the realization that there may not be an effective way to clean once and for all.  Why is this a revelation to me?  I frequently have to enlist all my troops to join me in the effort to bring our living area up from "borderline condemned" to "terminally messy". 

Back to my poor, poor couch.  The great baby wipe trick from Part One has lost its novelty and its luster.  Sure, it's great to get rid of unsightly dog drool, but who does this every day?  I have a few other things on my plate.  Should I ever find my plate to be empty, I still wouldn't want to do it.  On an odd side-note, it seems that the diameter of the slobber halos has grown steadily and exponentially since I wrote that know-it-all, isn't-this-easy post.  {We'll show her...}

M r. Murphy, if you're listening, let me be clear this time.  I expect no easy solution; I refuse to tempt your Law. I merely went to the fabric store and picked out some material.  I thought I'd endeavor to make a couch cover - more of a pad, really - which we can throw on the couch in an attempt to curtail the evidence of nocturnal drooling.   I know there's probably some loophole to this restoration, but I respectfully wish to give it a shot.  It's worth it for the fabric alone...

Cute, right?  Alexandra helped out with the fabric choices.  My daughter has the best eye for color & quickly found the aqua accent material to my star print. 

I now have one more thing on my plate, thus preventing me from having the time or care to baby-wipe clean the couch: sewing a cover/pad.  I have retrieved my sewing machine from the depths of my closet and intend to embark on a refresher course of which way the bobbin thread is supposed to go.

Check back with us for an update on project "To Save a Couch". 
And please, don't look closely at my stitching!

So glad you came by,


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  1. Love the colors! I can't wait to see the finished product :-)