Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Jack.  My first dog.  Much like preparing for my first child, prior to the acquiescence of a puppy to the family I was eager to read all the dog books I could get my hands on.  I needed to answer the question: Could I really do this?  Not knowing anything about being the one in charge of a dog - especially a puppy - I was terrified I might really mess up.  I mean, when you start to think of it, a baby at least gives you some time to get used to it.  It's a mutual learning process.  A baby is fairly reasonable {in glorified retrospect, that is}.  The baby cries, you feed it, change it, or rock it.  Can do.  A baby stays put when you lay it down.  A baby is socially acceptable to bring with you into the grocery store, the bank or to a friend's house.  You wouldn't ignore your baby and leave it home for hours on end.  

Puppies bring the challenge of micro time management.  You must constantly watch them.  It's easy to get distracted and not realize your puppy has been relishing your favorite shoe (he was thoughtful, though: he left the other one for you)  You cannot bring them with you on most errands (say, to go buy a new pair of shoes).  You absolutely can't leave them in your car while you shop; BIG NO-NO!  When leaving them at home, crate-training should be kind and limited to short stretches of time.  So, what then?  No more going out on all-day excursions?  No day-trips that aren't dog-centric?  How do people do this?  Is it worth it?  The exchange of freedom for a furry sidekick who may or may not chew through, pee on, dig up and drool on every material possession you own?

Sleepy Jack, 5 weeks old

Yep, it's worth it.  Not only is Jack my first dog, but he's my kids' first dog, too.  We get to share that unique and wonderful "first".  As our dog family has grown, so has our appreciation of and compassion toward other creatures.  Our patience has been stretched.  We were definitely not a little dog family a year ago.  When Lucy came in to our lives {settled right in, thankyouverymuch} our perspective changed.  I wonder what would have happened to her had we not already had Jack?  Or Indy?  Jack was where it all began.  One out of twelve little rolly-polly white labs.  He was the sleepy one.  The one that had played with the breeder's kids all day and was absolutely wasted by the time we'd come to visit.  But he was the one. 

I love how Alex is "watching his head",
like she knew to do with her baby brothers

We picked him out at five weeks and
took him home for good at nine. 

We're gettin' a dog!

I like this one.

Our See How He's Doin' update photo @ 7 weeks or so
He looks worried already.
He's a worrier.
But he's our worrier.

Nick's telling him it's going to be okay.

Jack: Really?  Are you sure? 
It is very hard to understand you.
But I'll try real hard.


Could he be any more spastically happy?
Golly, I love that dog.

Happy Birthday, Jack!


  1. I haven't seen these pictures in forever! *sniff* They (dogs) grow up so fast;)

  2. Allie, you want to talk about growing up fast... my babies were still {babies} in those pictures! *sniff* *sniff*