Friday, May 27, 2011

In Loving Memory

To anyone who has lost a loved 'one', be it a fur-covered member of the family or a human soul, today's post is my offering to you.

Kindred spirits come in all forms.  C.S. Lewis said, "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What!  You too?  I thought I was the only one.'"  Have you had the pleasure of meeting someone like that?  Perhaps you have been lucky enough to experience this with a number of individuals. 

I still remember my first friend, Amy.  We were in first grade when we met.  I suppose I was a loud child, because I remember people telling me to be quiet.  (Gee, I hope it was only a volume thing...)  I knew Amy and I would be friends instantly when I heard her scream.  We were out on the playground, and I heard the most marvelous, gleeful scream I had ever heard in my life.  She was playing tag or something, and having a ball.  She threw off social awareness with abandon, and just had fun!  That was my kind of gal; there was an instant spark of friendship between us.  We were practically inseparable the rest of that year, and into the next.  I was terribly sad when our school closed down, and we each headed off in different directions.  I can still hear her raucous squeals of delight, and it brings a smile to my face.

My first year of Junior High, the little school I attended had a weekend get-to-know you camp.  I hated camp.  I had always hated any kind of camp.  Not camp"ing" with my family, but away from the sanctuary of home camp.  After lunch on the first day, I lagged behind the rest of the group.  I think I was reluctant about meeting new kids and was trying to stall going out for afternoon free-time.  Suddenly, I could hear singing.  {No, I wasn't that crazy}  Someone was actually singing very quietly, as if under their breath.  I recognized a wonderfully familiar tune by Burl Ives.  "Pickin' up paw paws, put 'em in yer pocket..."  Okay, keep in mind this wasn't 1962, it was the 80's.  I didn't suppose any kid knew Burl Ives.  Well, except me.  But Laurelee did.  Again, the spark of friendship was there.  Who would have known she'd become my best friend all through junior high, and eventually be in my wedding?

My dogs do make me laugh.  When Jack was little, he would love it when we came out to work in the yard.  When we would dig up fresh earth for any project, he became absolutely giddy, as if to say, "You like to dig??  Me too!"  I believe that spark of friendship exists across all boundaries.  We are all creatures created with the intent to delight in finding that mutual spark, to build friendships and encourage one another, to share the joys as well as the burdens. 

Our hearts go out to the grieving today.  May you enjoy the wonderful memories of those sparks of friendship, and the good times that were had.  May your future be bright with the hope and anticipation of friendships to come. 

In loving memory of Max 1992-2011


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  1. Wonderful post, Mom! I love your childhood memories of meeting your very first friends:) They make me smile, too!