Monday, May 2, 2011

May Day & A Very Happy 40th Anniversary

Had a great weekend here with the dogs!  The sun was out and so were we {we have the sunburns to prove it!}.  For May Day, we spent the entire day outside in the backyard.  We played fetch with the rope.  Both big dogs got much needed baths.  We played fetch with the tennis balls.  Lucy violently protested getting her nails trimmed.  I got to two of them before I required a bandaid.  I started to think that it may be worth the $12 to have a professional do this.  We played fetch with the wiffle ball.  We cleaned up the deck furniture, powerwashed a bunch of things, and mended the trampoline cover.  Then, we played fetch with the rope again.  We played a lot of fetch.  It was a pretty grand day for all.

Hey guys!  Look what I've got!

You want it?


Good girl!  Now, gimme.

Jack, looking deceptively happy during his bath.

Milk Bone reward!

Free Rides?  Cool!  {Jack's in line}

I'm next!

Still here!

Now me?

(looks like two against one)

Never give up...

I got it!

Let's play some more!


Good job, Lucy!

Waiting to fetch...

Indy thinks fetch is more of a spectator's sport

Triumphant Jack.

On a side note, I wanted to wish my mom and dad a
very happy 40th wedding anniversary!  
How fantastic is that?  Congratulations are definitely in order. 
Love you both so much. 
{Further Congrats over on Almost There}

Have a great Monday, everyone.  So glad you stopped by!

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  1. That was so much fun! Love the pictures:)