Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Territory

Do you have a favorite grocery store?  One who's layout you know, and have finally figured out where the *&%# they keep the croutons?  Have you ever had to run to another store, even the same chain, and you can't seem to find a thing?  That was me, yesterday, at Costco.  I love my home Costco.  It feels right; I know where most everything on my list will be - except the Organic Tortilla Chips, they keep moving those around {grr}. 

Yesterday, I thought I'd be fuel-savvy and combine a somewhat long-distance errand several towns south of us with a stop at the mega Costco in the mega city on the way home.  Not my home Costco.  Shopping in a new store layout can, at first, seem interesting and fun.  Ooh!  What's this?  Bagels?  I don't think my store has bagels!  {okay, I totally know where the bagels are at every store I've ever been to... perhaps I should have said something healthier like, dried prunes, or yogurt, or baby corn}  After the novelty wears off, though, you still have a list of groceries to buy.  And it is important that you find and bring home all the things.

I think my kids deserved medals of honor for holding it together for the 78 minutes I spent in a disoriented state trying to figure out just where this Costco kept our staple foods.  Eventually we made it up to the line where I naively thought I had crossed every item off my manifest.  Upon being the next to check-out, I realized we never found the sourdough bread{much like bagels, this is a non-negotiable item on our list}  So we found ourselves faced with the dilemma: get out of line, losing our coveted spot so that we could get our sourdough fix, or keep the prized spot and suffer sourdough withdrawal.  At an hour and eighteen minutes, the kids were breaking their previous best for longest time without disturbing the peace.  I resolved to eat cereal the next morning.

Today is a glorious day {save for the fact I missed my sourdough toast at breakfast}.  Sun shining, birds chirping, dogs barking back with breathy smiles revealing floppy pink tongues... it's simply too nice a day to stay inside for school.  Math & Language Arts will still be there when we get back.  So, in the name of P.E., we leashed up the dogs and headed out for a walk.  We have a routine route that every creature in our house knows by heart.  Chalk it up to the weather, perhaps, but today I suggested a different route.  The kids were unanimously on board.  I thought the dogs may enjoy a change of sights, smells, and routines as well.  Jack and Indy were confused at first, tugging in the normal direction, and trading sideways glances as if to say, "Mom's lost it".  But their sweet Labrador mentality soon kicked in with a perceptible, "Whatever, I'm going for a walk!"

Lucy, on the otherhand, was not sure about anything.  She slunk along the sidewalk, ears pinned to the back of her head.  Conceivably, new sights and sounds seem bigger the smaller you are.  It wasn't until we had nearly made the full circle of our walk and were back to within two blocks of home that one ear tentatively pricked up.  {Something's familiar...}  She traded ears, not wanting to fully commit to both ears at a time to the happy & relaxed position.  Left ear, right ear, left ear, right ear.  Almost home!

Everything is NEW and BIG and SCARY!

Where the *&%#'s the house?

Glad to be back home in familiar territory

I hear you, loud and clear, Lucy.  

Happy Cinco de Mayo, folks!


  1. *hahahahaa* I think this is one of my new favorite posts of yours!

  2. Thanks, Allie! I had fun writing this:) Glad you were here.