Monday, May 16, 2011

What?? No Walk??

We have been particularly good at getting out for sunshine and fresh air lately.  The manic-depressive weather has been just that.  Considering this, we have been skipping school (shh!) in favor of walks when the weather is accommodating.  Don't worry, we finish our studies when we get back.  You just never know how long the sun will be out around here. 

We all were winded the first several days, with the exception of Lucy.  Even Jack, who is normally our "Let's keep going!" Labrador was slowing his pace on the second half of our neighborhood tour.  It's funny the difference between little dogs and the Labs.  You'd think that little dogs, having little legs and paws, would tire out more easily.  Huh-uh.  Think about that yappy neighbor dog.  C'mon, everyone has one, right?  Does it ever run out of steam?  No!  That furball's got lungs!  That same physical attribute helps Lucy keep on going like the Energizer Bunny. 

The up side to the multiple walks was that at night, instead of the usual white streak of lightening, bouncing off couch, walls, curtains, followed in rapid succession {although the results were futile} by a slightly slower yellow flash and a much slower, but very determined chocolate blaze, we had three zonked dogs.  We were able to read or watch tv in peace.  Yikes.  Maybe next year we should train for the Bay to Breakers.  The dogs might sleep for a week.

After a couple of weeks of sunbreaks, we even attempted to jog!  Everyone was feeling pretty great.  Then the rain settled in, and the excuses came out.  {We don't want that wet dog smell lingering around all day.  And we're so not the type of people to buy a dog a raincoat.  Say, we haven't watched t.v. in a long time.  Do you suppose there are still programs on?  Let's see...}  The first rained-out day with no walk, the dogs were still in lights-out mode by 10 pm.  That must have been carryover.  The next walkless day they were only slightly restless.  By the third evening with no walk, they were beginning to conspire against us.

Although we had spectacular weather on Saturday, it was devoted to a family yard work day.  That marked the fourth day with no walk.  The tension was high.  The Labs were alternating between sullen and whiny, "Why no walk, W-h-y-ieeee??"  Lucy was like a child who had been given super high-fructose candy in place of her methylphenidate.  If she were a cat, she would have sprayed our favorite slippers.  Thankfully, we have no cat to teach this skill to her.  {She is a fast learner.  We'd be in trouble.}  As it were, she proceeded to run around the living room, taunting and provoking the morose Labs to chase her.  When she tired of that, she moved on to the people in the room; nipping at toes, jumping up on unsuspecting laps with a rubber toy, making perfect eye contact.

Lucy is funny that way.  Jack and Indy are good communicators, but Lucy has a stare that is so intense, one picks up on her leadership right away.  {"Listen, boys, this is how it's going to be done"}  Have you seen UP?  Lucy is a much less evil version of Alpha, the Doberman Pincher leader of the dog pack, while Jack and Indy are an amalgam of Dug, the fiercely friendly dog who endures the cone of shame. 


When Lucy jumps up on someone's lap with a toy, she waits patiently, statuesque-like, for them to look at her.  We've messed with this quirk before to see how long she'd wait.  Apparently, it's until the end of time or we give in.  The longest we've gone is 4 minutes.  Who's training who?  As soon as eye contact is made, the toy drops from her mouth, and she scurries up and over the couch to"go long" in the kitchen.  Rinse and repeat. 

The other day my daughter asked what life would be like without dogs.  I said, "Well, we could go places for longer than 5 hours at a time, we would save a hundred bucks a month on food, and my couch would still be mushroom.  Plus, we'd save a bundle of time not having to sweep up dog hair everywhere." {This, though, is perhaps a fair trade seeing as how with dogs we don't have to clean up any food spilled or dropped on the floor.}  Really, though, I can't imagine my life without dogs.  They are hilarious, and comforting, and can really convince you of the value in daily walking. 

 Hope you all had a great weekend.
I'm tickled you stopped by. 

 Here's to a week of pet appreciation.  Show 'em you love 'em!



  1. As always, I'm still just chuckling, smiling at the great pics your words have painted, Heather! One really does have to wonder at exactly who is doing the training and who is being trained. I know that your dad and I were well-trained early on with these grand dogs of ours...but then, our part is the purely fun part! So, thanks for sharing not only yourselves and your kids with us but also your dogs...and their lives in story and pics - with us - We are definetly richer for it all!!! =)

  2. I love our dogs! They bring joy to me every day;) True, we would have a lot more free time without them, no drool stains on your favorite couch, and a little extra cha-ching in our (your's and dad's really) pockets. But there would be nothing to talk about really:I Except about funny parts from our favorite movies, I guess:) I am very thankful, though, that we have dogs! I love, love, love 'em!
    I love, love, love you too, Mom xoxoxo

  3. Wow, ladies, I am feelin' the love! Thanks for your super sweet comments. ~H