Monday, June 20, 2011

A Father's Day Rewind

Welcome!  Did you Fathers have a good day yesterday?  Did you get what you wished for?  Here in our family Ken's long-standing wish, that his kids would get along, still stood.  Our kids said they would try very hard and they did.  We continued to prod for something that, say, we could get him from Target.  He didn't think for long before he declared, "Anything to make the house smell less like dogs."

So, the kids and I climbed into the truck and headed out for some Arm & Hammer carpet powder (great stuff!)  We continued with the theme and placed scented gel-like beads and candles into our basket.  As I was wandering the make-up isle, bewildered and dazed {I just need mascara, not 5,702 choices} my boys were on to small appliances.  They excitedly pulled me away to look at toaster ovens.  We are a big toast family, with a quirky toaster whose depressor button pops off when the toast pops up.  It is our version of Jimmy Stewart's newel post in It's a Wonderful Life. 

The toasters were not quite what we were looking for, plus I knew Ken could epoxy that button {he's a great fixer}  After the toasters were vacuums.  "We don't need a new vacuum"  I told the kids.  Even though ours is falling apart, we have replaced parts as needed and nursed it along for several years.  It is a good vacuum.  It does have some current maladies, but at its age, who wouldn't?  "Ooh, look mom - this one's a pet vacuum"  "Don't be silly, pet's can't vacuum!" (ba-dum-ching)   (collective eye roll)  "No, Mom, it's for pets.  It says it picks up pet hair way better than regular vacuums."  Huh.  I looked at the name: PET REWIND.  Well, that was practically his request verbatim. 

"I'm sure it doesn't work like they say - I'd need to read the reviews", I said.  But Nick, my handy-dandy technical kid helpfully replied, "It's okay, mom, they have wi-fi here.  I can look it up for you."  So he did.  The resounding theme of the reviews from people was that this vacuum sucked.  Literally.  People were saying how grossed out they were by the amount of hair and dander their old machines left and this machine picked up.  I stood there in the store and weighed my options.  I do not like to impulse buy - it almost always ends in regret.  In the end, three things made up my mind: 1) there was a sale, 2) I was tired, and 3) I wanted to go home.  I figured, it will be a great thought, even if we end up taking it back.

Sunday morning came, and Ken loved the thoughtful gifts.  He said how much he appreciated them all, and agreed with me that maybe we'd open the box carefully, so that we could take it back if need be.  {He was sure he could get some awesome deal on Craigs List on one of those old-timy commercial vacs}  We left the box unopened as we rushed off to church.  When we returned, the kids were the most excited.  They put the machine together with their dad, Norman Rockwell style.  {Look in the box for that piece, will you, son? / Swell, Dad!}   Then, they began to run the vacuum.  It lived up to every review... gross!  And I had just vacuumed the day before.  It got tons of hair & dirt, and no discernible carpet fibers.  It really lived up to its name. 

Perhaps the best part of getting a new vacuum was the Tom Sawyer-style creation of desire to do manual labor.  The kids were all clamoring over who got to vacuum what part of the house.  Ken was laying claim to the stairs, declaring it part of his Father's Day gift.  What had I done?  This was the best gift ever
{I wonder what we can get him for Christmas?}

Look!  It's a little Indy!

Purely awesome.

I received no payment or product for this post. 
Hoover, Arm & Hammer, and Target have no idea who I am. 
This is just me, gushing about stuff we love here at THD.

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  1. I love this new vacuum!!! It's so much fun *hahaha* I'm gonna need to borrow it after I clean my room:)