Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Your Turn

What is that sound?  Kind of a throaty, hiccup-y burbling?  Oh, no.  NO!  Quick, open the slider, he's gonna...  too late.  At least he had the decency to head for the door.  {Good boy}  Four times.  Not so good.  Is he sick?  Should we call the vet?  He's fine, he just ate dirt.  Dirt?  Yes, dirt. 

We did a little yard work over Memorial Day Weekend.  We planted three Lilac bushes, pruned a few wily apple branches, and gave all of our trees their twice-annual compost treatment.  I think it's rather like a pedicure for plants.  As I smoothed the rich, dark black compost around the base of each tree, I could almost feel them sighing with satisfaction and contentment.  Wait, that was Indy.  And Jack.  Breathing.  Drooling.  Panting.  Eating?  Stop!  It's dirt! 

There must be something in the mix that's different this time.  The dogs cannot stay away from it.  Every time we let them out in the back yard, and like good parents look to see what they're doing when things have gotten entirely too quiet, at least one of them has their head buried in the dirt.  Eyes rolled back with pleasure.  "This. Is. So. Good."  They've taken turns, too.  Almost like two lookouts and one perp.  {Lucy likes it, too}

Dirt, as it turns out, does not agree with their systems.  Go figure.  In the tradition of one-two-three-NOT-IT!, my husband and I have traded off biohazard cleanup duties this week.  I feel a twinge of guilt at my eager and joyous relief when I can say, "It's your turn".  Honey, if you're reading?  Indy just hurled.  Don't worry, I got it.

Wishing you a cleaner, dirt-eating-dog-free kind of weekend
Thanks so much for stopping by.  Come again soon!


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  1. Yucky:( Not fun! Hopefully they'll stop:*