Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No Thanks, I'll Have the Chicken

This weekend was a full one at Two and a Half Dogs.  For the bipeds and the big dogs, there was a shower at The Ranch, the place where Lucy first came into our lives.  For Lucy, there was a trip to Grandpa M & Grandma C's.  With the anticipated busyness of the large gathering, and the wide open spaces, we figured it would be in Lu's best interests to be under closer supervision.  It's not a bad gig.  All involved had a great weekend.  {More on the big dogs' weekend adventures later!}

On our way out of town, we stopped to drop Lucy off @ G&G's.  They have a beautiful yard, fun for both dogs and kids alike.  This wasn't Lucy's first overnight visit with them.  When we first brought her home, it was just weeks before a Disney World trip that had been on the books for a long, long time.  She, being a baby puppy at the time {we're talking itty bitty} would have been so traumatized by going to a kennel or a whole new family, G&G offered to take on the gargantuan task of watching this little tornado of destruction.  (No kidding: when we picked her up at the end of two and a half weeks, we found she had been like the very hungry caterpillar, chewing through 4 cables, 3 shoes, 2 blankets...and probably more that G&G hadn't the heart to tell us)

This drop off was very different from that first time, almost nine months ago.  Back then, she was new to us, and we to her.  We parted as acquaintances.  "See ya 'round, maybe."  This time, she was like a toddler getting dropped off at Nursery School.  She clung to Ken's neck, then snuggled in mine.  It was clear she wanted "Mom and Dad".  G&G said she cried for a good 10 minutes after we left, running from door to door, waiting expectantly for any sign of our return.  But then, just like most toddlers, she realized she was in a really fun place.  There were things to do, people who loved to play.  There was... homemade dinner!

Yep, Grandma's the name, spoilin's the game.  Grandma C fried eggs for breakfast; first for Grandpa M, then for Lucy(it may have even been the other way around!).  Then for dinner?  Chicken!  I don't think Lucy was running to the doors to check on us then. 

We picked her up late Sunday night, and the whole family was happily reunited.  Her initial worries were clearly unfounded; she obviously had a fantastic weekend.  Monday, I went to feed her breakfast.  It was the same scoop of kibble she normally gets at home.  She saw me go through the motions, but largely ignored me.  Not interested, thanks.  She had eaten late the night before, so I wasn't worried.

By dinner time, she must have been getting hungry.  She followed my movements as I scooped into the crinkly dog food bag and drew up a heaping scoop of dry meaty goodness.  I walked over to her dish, told her to sit.  She obliged, still watching me closely.  I praised her obedience and poured the food into her dish.  I gave the command, "have it", which is the o.k. for the dogs to start eating(this is essential with the big dogs, who would otherwise push over the scoop and make a mess before the food ever hit the dish).  She looked at the food, then back up at me.  She looked squarely into my eyes.  She walked out to the kitchen and sat in front of the stove.  Her communication was crystal clear.  "No thanks, I'll have the chicken."

The awesome picture is courtesy of Uncle W, who was visiting and snapped that shot of Lucy on his phone.  He then proceeded to press buttons and do cool artistic things with the photos, still on the phone.  I can hardly get my phone to do regular, phone things.  Go, Uncle W!

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  1. So funny! I love the picture of Lucy!!! Oh my goodness:O That almost looks like someone did that for hours on photoshop! Love ya' lots,