Monday, June 13, 2011

A Weekend to Cherish

{Here's the other, BIG DOG, half of our first weekend in June.  Missed Lucy's adventures? 
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Grandpa's Petunias

While Lucy was feasting on catered food, the rest of us at Two and a Half Dogs piled in the Truck and took off for The Ranch.  The Ranch is where my mom grew up, where we found Lucy, and where The Legacy began. 

Jack is funny about car trips.  He is a great traveling dog, always up for a ride.  It could be the vet, the park, the beach, or The Ranch.  He seems to have a "happiness meter" that begins on excited and increases the farther away we get from home. 
  • Phase one: could be the park.  I like the park {happy} 
  • Phase two: could be the vet.  He has treats.  I like treats.  Plus, it's a longer trip {blissful} 
  • Phase three:  we're farther than the vet, so it could be the BEACH!  I love the beach!  Well, except for the water.  But I love the beach! {ecstatic} 
  • Phase four:  I smell... I smell.. orchards!  dirt!  canals!  It's The Ranch! {euphoric} 
{Jack really likes car trips.}

Indy has a meter of his own regarding car trips.  It is a mental state apparently stuck on one phase: kill me now.  His begins and ends with:  We're moving.  Does anyone else realize we're moving?!? I don't like moving.  {miserable}  Poor thing... he loves the destination, but can't stand the journey.

It was a destination weekend full of family, friends, and furry companions.  We were blessed with about 40 friends and family gathering together from miles away to celebrate life in the form of a baby shower.  There must have been something in the water at the last reunion, because three babies were anticipated in as many weeks.  Two cousins were very much still pregnant, and one had a new week-old baby to show and tell.  Mmmmm, baby fix!  {beautiful, sweet, baby fix!}  Also in attendance were seven dogs.  Seven, folks!  All the cousins' canine friends were along for the ride, and miraculously, our dogs didn't spaz out - too much.  In fact, all the dogs got along.  There was a pleasant, relaxed feeling that settled over all creatures present.

I kept hearing from others at the shower whose words echoed my own sentiments, "This is such a special gathering."  It was special.  My grandparents are both 91 years old.  They are, from their perspective, winding down.  To others looking in, they're still going amazingly strong.  My grandpa was out before the guests arrived, planting petunias.  He wanted things to look nice for the guests and for my grandma.  He made sure to plant the tallest, largest blooms he could within view of her reading chair.  And although he {finally} accepted my help carrying and filling the watering can, by golly, he was going to plant the plants himself! 

I think the timing of the weekend's visit was providential.  Everyone got a chance to make the rounds and say their "hellos".  Introductions to the newest family members were made, including {tiny} baby Dane, and cousin Sara & Sam's rescue dog, Hope.  Unspoken goodbyes lingered in hugs and behind smiles.  Through it all, there wasn't a hint of bittersweet, as one might imagine.  It was purely sweet.  The family, from the oldest Nonogenarians (had to Google that one!) down to the yet-to-be-born great-grandkids, gathered in accord.  You could practically feel the Legacy being carried on.   It was a weekend to cherish.

~Family Album~
June 2011
Baby Dane's foot.

Meet Hope!  This is cousin Sara & Sam's rescue dog. 
We think she looks like a Jack/Lucy love child.

She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met.

Linus, Hope, and Trixie
The jig is up.
They see the treats I brought to bribe them with.

Hope & Linus, sniffing out the treats in my hand.
Linus is an impeccably trained, good boy.

I don't think he eats between meals.
Probably doesn't have junk food, either.

Auntie Heather spoils him.
Hello, gorgeous!

Here's Trixie

She's the Nana of the group.
{now Hope's trying for those treats}

Linus & Trixie.
Got any more?

Jack, Hope & Shadow
Hey, you got treats?

Shadow, our gentle host. 
He may have helped Grandpa plant petunias too.

Callie was a bit shy & helped out in the kitchen.
Beautiful & smart girl!

Trixie, Hope, and Indy.
{and Grandpa's Petunias}

Linus is still posing, in case Auntie has any more treats
Jack and Indy are beat!

~Sharin' the Love~

The End

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