Thursday, July 28, 2011

If You Give a Boy a Camera

I recently celebrated my birthday.  It was the perfect kind of day, surrounded with loved ones and great food.  {Is it wrong that I just put "great food" up there with "loved ones"?}  We had a pizza bar where you could load up an individual sized crust with everything you love, and not have anything to pick off.  This was part of my master plan for a complaint free day.  Then, in lieu of cake, we switched it up a bit and had caramel apples.  We tried all sorts - ones covered with Reese's Pieces candy, ones with Butterfinger, plain ones, and ones with nuts.  In the end, we all decided we liked the classic ones the best. 

The dogs celebrated, too.  We got an assorted pack of raw-hide for them to gum up and gnaw to their hearts delight.  At least until the treats got too soggy and we had to toss the dogs a Milkbone treat to "trade" and stash the oozing wad of reconstituted hide in the garbage can.  The dogs continued to look for their missing treats all night {where did I put that?  I was chewing on it... then mom gave me a cookie... then it was gone.  where could it be?  it was so good.  I'm sure I wasn't done with it yet...}

I could have stopped the day right there, as everything had made for a sublimely happy one.  But my husband and kids presented me with a new camera.  A grown-up camera.  A KIDS! do-not-touch-for-any-reason camera.  No sooner had I opened the flap of the box that held this intimidating, 7,200 page-manual wielding piece of equipment, did my youngest breeze by with my old camera saying, "So, can this be the family camera now?"  He barely left time for a befuddled reply of, "Yeah, sure, we'll see..."  and he was gone.  This was the best birthday ever!  He just got a camera!

And what a fine picture-taker he turned out to be.  For nearly a week, it was, "Hey Mom, wanna see this shot?"  "Dad, check it out!"  {I think it was, in part, payback for all the times I've called to the kids, "Hey, look at this one"}  Remember Dustin Hoffman in Rainman?  How he took all those photos everywhere he went, then in the credits they showed the developed pictures? (back when we still called it "developing" pictures.  Do people still call it developing?  It's more like "click here to order prints now", right?  Huh.  I digress...)  Well, here are Zack's shots.  It's pretty neat to see the world through a ten year old's eyes.

the new monolith

Sad Jack. 
He just can't find that Rawhide he was working on.

I love this one.

The town that Zack built.

I'm always ready for my closeup.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Indy's first day in our family
He stayed that size for about an hour.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Signs of Summer

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Top Ten Signs of Summer

  1. Kids.  Everywhere.  Kids.
  2. Laundry.  Sunshine + dirt + sprinklers, pools, beach = lots and lots of laundry.
  3. Dogs.  Happily underfoot.  inside. outside.  inside. outside.
  4. Otter Pop wrappers.  Or at least the snipped-off tops.  Everywhere.  {see #1}
  5. Lost sunglasses.  {Check on top of your head, Mom}
  6. Doors left wide open.  {see #'s 1 & 3}
  7. Photos held hostage in digital cameras.  {I'll download them eventually, but I have a lot of laundry to do first}
  8. Drs appointments.  {Somehow, when I scheduled them 6 months ago, "summer" seemed synonymous with "free time".  I was wrong.}
  9. Camps.  Every kid has one.  They are all on different weeks.  drop off.  pick up.  drop off.  pick up. {I thought there'd be less driving}
  10. Abandoned blogs. {I mistakenly thought I'd have more time to blog in the summer}
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Other Side of the Screen

You've heard about the grass on the other side of the fence?  Well, same goes for the space on the other side of the screen door.  It's not that we want to exclude our dogs from our family time{well, perhaps at dinner time} but I've noticed that whatever side of the slider screen door we happen to be on is where they have decided they desperately need to be. 

This might not be so much of a problem for long stretches of time, but when I'm barbecuing and in-and-out and in-and-out from the kitchen to the yard, this incessant need to be with the humans gets old.  Fast.  Jack, honey, I love you.  Really I do.  But try not to look so forlorn when I slide the screen door between us.  If I wait to let you in, then Lucy and Indy will wonder what's up and come scampering/barreling, respectively, towards the door.  This may result in mere annoyance {me, impatiently standing there with my raw hamburger-covered hands poised like a doctor who's scrubbed in and is waiting for gloves} or destruction {Indy: "what screen door?"}.  This leaves Dad grumbling about having to go through the process of resetting the screen. {thank you, Ken}

Then, just maybe, when all is said and done, we can sit down and share that sixth burger.  It's really good... the 80/20 kind.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Not Pressing Charges

Poor Indy.  He's really getting a bum rap lately.  He tries, really he does.  But he can't be blamed for animal instincts.  The food was right there.  It was so close, he could smell it.  Sure, he had his own food, in his own dish, but Jack's was right there, next to his!  It could have been meant for his Dinner, part II. 

Normally, Jack's dish is waaaay across the kitchen and it's clear whose is whose.  But mom was lazy and didn't want to bend down twice to drop off each bowl.  She just set the two bowls side-by-side.  How was he supposed to know?

Poor Jack.  He tries, really he does.  But he can't be blamed for eating his own food, in his own dish.  Sure, mom had put it mere inches away from Indy's bowl, but Jack didn't mind.  Food's food.  There's always enough to go around.  Apparently, Indy wasn't so sure.

In an instant, Indy went from eating his own food to clobbering Jack{hey, that's my second dinner!}.  Jack recoiled {hey, man, that's my only dinner} and then stole away into the comforting, sympathetic arms of ohhhh-ing and awww-ing children.

I was just minding my own business...

Indy felt bad, once he had finished both dinners.  Jack had a shiner, but got to partake of the People's dinner as a consolation that night.  Indy had temporarily fallen out of good graces with everyone it seemed, and slunk away to the corner.  Meanwhile, Lucy sat prim, proper, and proud as if to say, "I'm a good girl, aren't I?  I didn't give anybody a black eye, no I didn't.  Not like him.  I'm a good girl."

Later, when everyone was settled in for movie night, Indy lumbered over from his place of retreat to where Jack was sleeping and started licking Jack's wound.  He continued for about 20 seconds.  This proved just long enough for me to debate whether or not it was worth getting my camera.  Once I agreed that yes, perhaps I'd have time to grab the camera and make it back in time, I got up, ran to the kitchen, snatched said camera, ran back to the family room, and got the last 5 seconds of the care fest.  Turns out it was too dark to see on video.  It was precious though.  All was forgiven.  No one was pressing charges.


Incidentally, Indy would make the vet proud.  At previous yearly check-ups, the vet has said he'd like to see Indy with more of a waist.  A little over a year ago, we reduced his food portions, which helped a little.  Then last summer we hit the beach and the rivers more regularly which helped a lot.  Winter hit and he jello'd up a bit(I'm not throwing stones...)  This past weekend we noticed Indy's really looking fit!  He even voluntarily hopped in the truck throughout 90% of the last road trip.  We figure the exaggerated sleekness is due largely in part to the repeated visits to the trampoline.

Yesterday, Indy flawlessly flew up to the trampoline to retrieve a tennis ball.  Lucy must have had the idea to cut him off as he jumped down, or else she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, because he, in his 87 pound sleekness, landed directly on top of her.  She let out a shriek, and blazed across the yard {still shrieking} and sat down, startled, pawing at her eye.  She continued to look stunned, pawing her eye over and over for the next several seconds.  Indy, once again, slunk away{I've done it again!} to the opposite corner of the yard and craned his neck to see what the general consensus was.  We knew it was an accident, and called him over to us.  He laid his head on his paws as dejectedly as a dog could, and reluctantly relented to join us after a good 30 seconds of cajoling on our part.

Poor Indy.  He tries, really he does.

Poor Lucy.  Her eye was pretty sore and weepy yesterday.  Thankfully, it looks completely better today.  She's not pressing charges either.

Monday, July 11, 2011

They Really Should Consider Starting a B & B

We have just returned from a whirl-wind road trip through the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington State.  Literally.  The suit cases have not been emptied.  The fridge is bare {except for the beautiful Eastern Washington cherries we brought home} but we have coffee, so life has not ground completely to a halt.  The dogs are sprawled, curled, and tucked in very tired, sleepy positions all over the family room.  Jack and Indy came on the road with us once again while Lucy stayed at the Grandparent B&B.

When we retrieved our little dog late last night, Grandpa M said, "Lucy didn't even cry when you left her this time"  I thought, "Of course not, she was too busy filling out her room service request card for breakfast!"  {let's see, I've had the chicken, and it was very nice... how about I try the eggs benedict with a light hollandaise sauce...}  Eggs she did have.  Grandma C also made asparagus and white peaches.. all were a big hit.  {I think I'll eat at Grandma's more often.}

I have a few pics and stories from the weekend with the big dogs but my laundry, bills, and overdue books beckon; I really should go.  Just wanted to state for the record, I think Grandma & Grandpa should look into the dog B&B business!

~Have a great Monday, folks~

Coming soon... Jurassic Bark!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Let Them Eat Pancakes!

We're out.  Yup, out.  Out of dog food, out of leftovers, out of most everything.  Too bad Costco doesn't deliver.  A trip to the store is not on the books 'til the weekend.  So what's a girl to do? 

Well, we've got eggs...


That'll cover breakfast. 

And for dinner? 

Pancakes for all!

Of course, this was how Jack and Indy saw it:

And Lucy's perspective:

Nobody was complaining.
Some were drooling.
Everyone slept with happy tummies that night.
Yum.  {Zzzzzzzz}