Thursday, July 28, 2011

If You Give a Boy a Camera

I recently celebrated my birthday.  It was the perfect kind of day, surrounded with loved ones and great food.  {Is it wrong that I just put "great food" up there with "loved ones"?}  We had a pizza bar where you could load up an individual sized crust with everything you love, and not have anything to pick off.  This was part of my master plan for a complaint free day.  Then, in lieu of cake, we switched it up a bit and had caramel apples.  We tried all sorts - ones covered with Reese's Pieces candy, ones with Butterfinger, plain ones, and ones with nuts.  In the end, we all decided we liked the classic ones the best. 

The dogs celebrated, too.  We got an assorted pack of raw-hide for them to gum up and gnaw to their hearts delight.  At least until the treats got too soggy and we had to toss the dogs a Milkbone treat to "trade" and stash the oozing wad of reconstituted hide in the garbage can.  The dogs continued to look for their missing treats all night {where did I put that?  I was chewing on it... then mom gave me a cookie... then it was gone.  where could it be?  it was so good.  I'm sure I wasn't done with it yet...}

I could have stopped the day right there, as everything had made for a sublimely happy one.  But my husband and kids presented me with a new camera.  A grown-up camera.  A KIDS! do-not-touch-for-any-reason camera.  No sooner had I opened the flap of the box that held this intimidating, 7,200 page-manual wielding piece of equipment, did my youngest breeze by with my old camera saying, "So, can this be the family camera now?"  He barely left time for a befuddled reply of, "Yeah, sure, we'll see..."  and he was gone.  This was the best birthday ever!  He just got a camera!

And what a fine picture-taker he turned out to be.  For nearly a week, it was, "Hey Mom, wanna see this shot?"  "Dad, check it out!"  {I think it was, in part, payback for all the times I've called to the kids, "Hey, look at this one"}  Remember Dustin Hoffman in Rainman?  How he took all those photos everywhere he went, then in the credits they showed the developed pictures? (back when we still called it "developing" pictures.  Do people still call it developing?  It's more like "click here to order prints now", right?  Huh.  I digress...)  Well, here are Zack's shots.  It's pretty neat to see the world through a ten year old's eyes.

the new monolith

Sad Jack. 
He just can't find that Rawhide he was working on.

I love this one.

The town that Zack built.

I'm always ready for my closeup.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this...these are not only great pics - they capture a moment in time of a 10 year old boy's life!!!!

  2. *haha* These all made me laugh! Love the last one of Lucy:D